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Christmas Gifts For College Students

Marcus Said:

Should college/grad students buy their parents Christmas gifts?

We Answered:

I think that you should get them gifts. I am in college as well (Nursing student) and I am getting my family gifts for the holidays. My advice is to not go for something really expensive. Try for some personalized items, like a jigsaw puzzle of family photos, personalized ornaments, or something along those lines. Another idea is maybe to make an itinerary for a nice night away from your older brother. (I understand the older brother thing, my parents are continually comparing me to him... It kinda stinks) Those are just some ideas to get your creative gears flowing :)

And I don't know so much about getting something for your brother. If you really want to then get him a movie or (if he has a gaming system) game. ...Maybe you should get him a book? Just for kicks and giggles. lol

Leo Said:

christmas gift for a college student - what do i get a 21 year old girl who is away at college for xmas?

We Answered:

A bottle of Smirnoff

Louise Said:

what is the best christmas gift for college student?

We Answered:

I'd say any type of gift card to a place that has a variety of target.

Jill Said:

How do I buy a lot of Christmas gifts with little money?

We Answered:

Think thoughtful gifts rather than expensive ....notice the little things he might need.
I remember getting my ex one of those bath robes that only goes around the mans waist ( sought of like a big towel with Velcro) He loved it for many years and it was CHEAP !
Do you have any craft skills??? How about making him something ... Can I suggest a no sew fleece blanket or pillow ???There really cute, warm and you can buy the fleece cheaply at Walmart. here some instructions…
he res one with pictures
How about a nice picture frame with a nice picture of you two...
You can get creative and make him up some "coupons" they could be for love , snuggles, or a home cooked meal.
how about making him a nice tin of homemade chocolate chip cookies?

Stephen Said:

What would be a good christmas gift for a college student?

We Answered:

computer if she doesnt already have one

Albert Said:

For christmas gifts, what are good gadgets for a college student?

We Answered:


a Flash drive for transfering files between computers. (These fit right into a USB drive.)

a 5-cup coffee maker w/coffee (or even a 1-cup coffee maker)

swiss army knife

Not gadgets

Pizza Hut gift card, unless he goes to a school where the local pizza is better.

itunes gift card

Discuss It!

Quick Pita said:

I love to buy a Christmas gift for my parents, though I'm not earning at this point of time.

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I think yes every college allow to buy Christmas Gifts for family. But if the there is not traditional event like Easter, Christmas then College Administration not allow to buy gifts. Because its count in routine shopping which is not allow for the college students who live in College hostel.

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