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Classroom Activities For College Students

Martha Said:

Extracurricular activities for college application advice?

We Answered:

First of all, which course do you want to apply for at uni and where? I think at this stage it is important that you start thinking about these details because you can then focus your activities on things that really matter for those particular university courses.
If you have some kind of idea about what you want to do after uni then that is also a great way to focus on what extra-curricular activities you could be doing.
You are obviously clever if you are doing those A levels at a decent school, so I would say first of all just remember that you already have a head-start against a lot of people!
Writing for the school magazine is great, as is politics society etc. Is there a debating society you can join? Anything that gives you confidence and the ability to talk about issues is a good idea.
I would also suggest doing something that shows you have initiative - are you good at art or making things for example? If so you could set up your own blog (use or even sell some things on ebay. All of these things you can put in your application and it shows you've got your own brain and haven't just been spoonfed good grades!
Good luck!

Emma Said:

NEED help on A class project for English Class, Barbie vs Bratz essay!!?

We Answered:

Unfortunately, due to low standards (this means that the school you are attending holds higher regard for your money more than its own ethical standards), you will probably pass this course. In the event you don't drop out of 'college' entirely due to the heavy (here it means often) usage of simple words beond your comprehension (a word with lots of letters referring to 'understanding'), please don't feel as though you have achieved anything beyond gilded mediocrity (ask your mom). I sincerely hope that this internet crutch you are using fails miserably, but in the event there is that one guy who just can't help but explain the intricacies of the subject at hand, I just wanted you to know that lazy, cheating, imbeciles such as yourself and the institutions that turn them out are the greatest contributors to the 'dumbing down' of America. The most you can currently contribute to society is whatever fertilizer you provide via stool. Hopefully you can at least do that properly.

Glenda Said:

Should I apply for a position to be a B2B sales professional? How to emphasize my strengths and potential?

We Answered:

Most B2B sales jobs require B2B sales experience or at the very least sales experience. Your resume does not indicate either. This does not mean you cannot get the job of course, but you need something to show some sales attributes. I would consider adding a "relevent skills" or similar to your resume where you can highlight some sales attributes and characteristics...such as experience in negotiation, competitive (that is sales), strong relationship builder and so on to demonstrate that even though you are not an experienced sales person you do have the qualities. This should help you in the door at least.

Good luck.

Crystal Said:

I need a few suggestions for Gender activities in a classroom for college students.?

We Answered:

You could ask your students to bring in a copy of their favorite magazine (not newspaper but magazine) And point out how the ads are trying to appeal to their genders.

You could also ask them to bring a picture of an actor or actress who plays a popular role in the career field that they want to be in. For example, if a student wants to be a Doctor. he (or she) would bring a picture of Dr.House from the TV or if someone wanted to pursue law would they bring a picture of Kathryn Bell from JAG or would they bring a picture of James Spader from Boston Legal?

Helen Said:

Is my community college required to allow me to post flyers attempting to contact previous classmates?

We Answered:

There are other ways... newspapers, internet sites, etc...
Also, you may want to reword it. Sounds kind of accusatory, to me. You make it sound like anyone who didn't like their grade was automatically given a wrong or unfair grade, which may not be the case at all. I didn't like getting Cs or Ds, but did get them once in a while due to not doing the best I could.

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