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College And Career Center

Marion Said:

What career would combine these two majors?

We Answered:

Luey's answer above made me rethink what I was going to say.

There are all sorts of professional journals for chemists and all the other sciences. The sad fact is that most scientists don't write very clearly (a little odd since the think very clearly indeed). Most of those research journal articles need a good editor. The editor would have to understand all the science though in order to not screw up the meaning. This is where you could fit in.

What I was originally going to say was to get an education in something that somebody is willing to pay you to do. Being poor sucks. Chemists and chemical engineers are very highly paid. CEs are the highest paid Bachelor's degrees. A research chemist would require a Ph.D. Let your interest in literature be a lifelong hobby.

Bachelors in English are either office flunkies or unemployed. A Ph.D. has an academic future, but they're one of the lowest paid faculties in a university.

Louise Said:

does the tn career center offer money for college?

We Answered:

why not call them and ask...i'm sure if they don't have money, i'm sure they can lead you to a great source

Lillie Said:

Does College Career center help?

We Answered:

No. It's my experience that the career center exists mostly to provide high paying jobs with great benefits to the people who work at the career center. I'm not impressed with the career center at the university I attended. I felt they should have done a lot more to help students find jobs.

Good luck

Isaac Said:

Did Alex Smith ever play under center in college? Or did he always run the spread and the shotgun?

We Answered:

When Smith was in College current Florida coach was Smith Coach
at Utah (Urban Meyer) so he wasn't under center a lot just like Tebow
isn't now>

Franklin Said:

I'm doing better on this ACT booklet I got from my college/career center?

We Answered:

Barron's tests tend to be harder than the real thing. While I wouldn't necessarily count on a 33, you'll almost definitely do better than a 27.

Mario Said:

Can't seem to find my first real job after college? What should I do?

We Answered:

I don't know where you live, but in CT, the job market is pretty much the same, it's hard to find a good job, a good paying job and especially one in your field of study. Obviously if you are in need of money and stability, you need to branch out from "finance" can you take and analyst position, or insurance position? It's important to find a job and get some experience, and just because you take a position does not mean you need to keep it if something better comes along.
Have you tried and They're pretty popular, too. Good luck!

Matthew Said:

Are there any career counseling services which are more professional than the one on my college campus?

We Answered:

When searching for a new career, you should be thinking about selling yourself, and I mean by putting your worth on a Cover Letter and Resume (very important) as the market is filled with applicants. You can find examples and even services to direct you to your dream career here. Hope it helps, good luck.

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