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College And Career

Emma Said:


We Answered:

no most places even with expirence want a 4 year degree. It may mean nothing to you but for employeers its big. Its not impossible to make money without a degree but if your just starting out (under 25) youll want to get one. You may get the inital job but not having a degree could cost you promotion.

Ruben Said:

college career?

We Answered:

Any of those would be great, also a degree in spanish and a minor in some type of world history. It's important to also know the history of europe and africa when studying latin america, because a lot of the culture comes from spain, and also the slave trade from africa. So you should definitely tap into those courses as well. You could also design your own major if you knew a school had a lot of latin american courses to take. You'd plan out your course of study with an advisor. Could be pretty cool.

Stacey Said:


We Answered:

i think you should major in nursing and another field. jus in case one doesnt turn out so good you still have another one to back it up. think smart. be ahead of the game.

Heather Said:

How difficult was it to transition yourself from learning nutrition in college to applying it to your career?

We Answered:


I didnt study nutrition at college, but I understand how u feel in a way. I've been studying to be an (adult) general nurse for almost 3 years, & will complete my training in less than 6 months- & i dont feel nearly as ready as I feel I should be. I've been told that the real learning takes place when I go into 1st job, & there have been times when Ive felt I've not made the right choice in career- but I've stuck at it & will see how I get on when i get a job. I'm sure you'll be fine though- you've come this far & you probably will have doubts at times, but your halfway there,

Good luck


Glenn Said:

What NBA player has had the best career after an average College career?

We Answered:

Gilbert Arenas (Went to 2nd round pick because of his average career in college)

Jamie Said:

College Career!?

We Answered:

think of the subject you like and/or the best @...for instances

if you are good @ math: accounting, business, etc
if you are good @ science: engineering, computer science, medicine
if you are good @ social studies: psychology, social work
if you are good @ english: law, journalism, etc

find your subject first then look into a major

Philip Said:

What was the hardest Class of your College Career?

We Answered:

Finance 701...... my professor couldn't speak English....

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