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College Classes For High School Students

Fernando Said:

Advice for high school students taking college classes?

We Answered:

Manage your time well is the key to success.

Jack Said:

Should all high school students have classes geared toward college entrance?

We Answered:

Although a college degree is becoming more and more necessary for getting some jobs these days, there are still those jobs that a student would be better-off going to a vocational school for (or need no post high school education at all for).

The problem is that many high school students continually change their mind as to what vocation they are aiming for, and many of them don't really know until years after they're out of high school (and perhaps even half-way through college in a major that they ultimately wish they'd never gotten into!).

What your school district in California is trying to do, I think (I, too, live in California--but am not familiar with my local school district's requirements), is to make sure that everybody has the background to go to college should they decide to eventually pick a vocation in which a college degree is required.

The only problem with this idea is that many "non-academic" courses (like art, music, shop, drama, etc.) have been dropped due to lack of state funding, and so many students who might eventually prefer to seek employment in these fields never even get a chance to "test them out", whereupon they might therefore decide that it would be better to go to an art or music school, etc., instead of college.

Part of my answer is derived from my own experience, even though I'm from an era when high schools still had a full slate of courses available (and were also "chauvinistic"--with the boys being required to take a shop class, and the girls being required to take a "home economics" class!). My parents made me take what was then called an "Academic" major in high school--consisting primarily of math and science courses added to the basic required ones (even though I was more interested in art and writing)--as they wanted me to go to college, and that was the only major that prepared you. I did go to college and got my degree as expected, only to find out too late that, for my interests, I should have gone to a dedicated school of fine arts (my major was "art" in college; however, since you were required to take so many non-art classes as well, you just didn't get the concentrated training in the subject that you would have in a dedicated school).

My best advice would be for parents to monitor their children's interests over the years wherein they have control of them, and do their best to help guide him or her onto the right path, regardless of what the school system's requirements are.

Chris Said:

fashion college classes for high school students?

We Answered:

try contacting the schools listed below or checking their websites for high school offerings. sometimes there are summer classes offered through museums as well that would be good on a high school resume/portfolio. while you may not get credit, extra effort to attend classes are always a plus.

Beverly Said:

When is the usual time for the last day of class for high school/ college students in New York City?

We Answered:

may to june....

Edward Said:

If high school students can take community college classes for free, why do we have to pay $95 for an AP Exam?

We Answered:

I agree that test fees are pretty high, especially if you're a student. But I think post-high school and graduate exams are even more expensive (I'm going into teaching and the CSET I'll have to take is 3 sections at $73/section.) I only took 2 AP courses in high school and thought I was going to fail both, but I ended up passing. It is a lot cheaper than college tuition, and I did get college credit for both courses (Lang&Comp waived freshmen English and Calc AB counted as 1 semester of Business Calculus at my school). As for the community college thing, those fees are paid for by our tax dollars, whereas the AP exams are specialized and probably aren't funded by the state much/at all since it's not a requirement like the SAT's. If you're not taking any of the AP exams for the AP classes you're taking, it sounds kinda like a waste to even be in them. Try taking at least one and make sure you study enough to get a 3. Think of it as a $95 gamble that you can prepare for. If you don't take the exam at all, you definitely won't get credit. If your family is short on cash, maybe you can research getting a fee waiver or sponsorship or a scholarship/grant of some sort. I'd ask your instructor/counselor if that's the case, or you could do some research online.

Josephine Said:

High School students taking Classes at Community College?

We Answered:

Don't sweat it. The courses you take during your freshman year are easy as doing what's on the syllabus. If you can read the syllabus and do your homework, you'll be able to pass.

Some college courses are easier than high school AP courses. Give it a shot. Don't be intimidated by what other students, teachers, or your parents say. The courses are most likely weighted the same as an AP course.

Yes you have to buy the books. They are expensive. You may be able to graduate early from high school and/or get some college out of the way.

With enough work you may be able to complete your freshman year of college before you graduate high school.

*My answer will vary with accuracy depending on what state you go to school in.

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