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College Courses For High School Students

Pauline Said:

While at a high school early college, do students have a choice of attending college courses or not?

We Answered:

Contact your guidance counselor for information./

Glenda Said:

Summer College Courses for High School Student?

We Answered:

It seems as though a lot of people think that an Ivy-League Summer School is worthless, or at least unimportant, but this simply isn't true. People also say that they are easy to get into. While it may not be as nail-biting an experience as applying to the actual university, getting admitted is not a simple task. The acceptance rate is around 50%, which sounds great, but again, you're competing with some very intelligent people. Generally speaking, people with PSAT scores in the highest three percentiles have a really decent chance, so long as their grades match and they have a decent letter of rec.

The program will only make an impact if you do well in it. It shows you are motivated, have a love of learning, and (if you apply to the same school you attended for Summer School) are enthusiastic about that particular school. Also, almost all of the Summer School programs include college seminars, mock interviews, etc., to help prepare you for the college admission process. I guess you could say it helps you in a tangible (grade) and intangible (experience) way. Also, they give you college credit which is always a plus.

As to taking community college classes, I would say that most Ivy Leagues aren't overally impressed with them. For instance, if you choose Harvard, which I chose, this is the scenario: Harvard has a fierce pride in itself, and they think they provide the best summer school. Hence, they will almost always give your app. at least a second look if you did well in the summer program.

Basically, it gives you an edge, in the same way that being a class officer or student council member does. It adds a dimension to you that the admissions officers may otherwise never see. However, if you have terrible grades etc., summer school won't help you too much.

Mathew Said:

college courses for high school students?

We Answered:

You can do a dual enrollment program. You may be able to take classes during the summer (and winter if your community college offers it). Though I doubt you would be able to take classes only on the weekends.

Marcia Said:


We Answered:

Yes the advanced placement program is provided by not sure about their credit policy though but you can contact them for more information regarding accreditation and their credit policies because the authorities will tell you better. These courses will help prepare you for college.

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college requirements said:

I think you should ask your High school. If they have other college courses with the regional higher education - if so, you can take sessions there for 100 % free and they'll depend towards your secondary university level. If not, you can still take a category or two at the higher education, you'll just have to pay for it and do it on your own time.

college prompts said:

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