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College Courses For Mature Students

Allison Said:

Any advice for a "mature" college student going pre-med.?

We Answered:

When you said "mature", I thought you meant you were old or something. I got an RBA for my undergrad degree. I had everything I needed for my BA in Theatre except my foreign language requirements. The RBA allowed me to graduate a year and a half early, you might want to check into that. I'm halfway through grad school now at 43.

Debra Said:

What is the attitude towards Mature Students like in the UK?

We Answered:

I can remember the attitudes held towards the mature students when I was a student and mostly they were liked. However, when they became bossy and patronising the younger students did not like them. The mature students always seemed to group together as they felt we were all so immature and we were into different things to them. I am though talking of mature students in their 40s, you will fit in well with students as the age difference is not that big.

Claire Said:

UK Only: When mature students apply to colleges how likely are they to actually check your GCSE results?

We Answered:

It's unlikely that they'll check it for entrance (no-one has checked mine since I got them, work, college or university), but if you put that you got a good grade and you got an F, they will probably check if it appears your incapable of doing what your qualification says you can (for example if you got an F in maths and couldn't do simple multiplication, but you put that you got a C, they would be found out quite quickly, by your inability).
I wouldn't recommend lying on an application form. If your friend is a returning student, the course he/she is wanting to attend is likely to be more flexible anyway; returning students are generally more motivated to learn than continuing students (they aren't tired of education and they know the world of work). Ask him/her to contact the course tutor and explain about his/her grades and the possibility of getting on the course.
Personal life experince rather than qualifications is taken into account for a lot of mature students.

Clayton Said:

Looking for a uni course next year after I complete my general science access course at college, suggestions?

We Answered:

You might want to look for a 'sandwich' course which takes a bit longer but would give you placements in industry as well as time studying.

Information on different courses is available at

The Royal Society of Chemistry is the body which accredits chemistry degrees. They have information for students at…

The top university for science courses is probably Imperial College

Good luck!

Clayton Said:

Any good colleges/art schools which do art courses (post GCSE) catered for mature students (over 21 years)?

We Answered:

Suggest contacting UCAS, they will give you a full list of all the courses in your area. Most courses are available to all students regardless of their age, providing they have the relevant qualifications, or experience in the subject.

Brian Said:

Is there a college in london where you can study intensive 1 year course for A levels for mature students?

We Answered:

i did what was the equivalent of between an O'Level and A' level which you did in a year. you take 3 modules - i took Biology, English Language and Psychology- and it gives you entrance to university which i did. it's called Higher Education Foundation Certificate also as AIMS course (Access Initiative for Mature Students). my friend ended doing a medical degree. so i would ask at your local HE college about it, i'm sure you could still get in for September. good luck.

Tracey Said:

I need some advice about applying to college as a "mature student"?

We Answered:

If I were in your shoes, I would phone the college's admissions office and ask that question directly: what is the exact definition of 'out of high school'. For how long do you need to be 'out of high school' to be considered a mature student?

They will be able to give you the definitive answer to your question and so you will be able to apply with confidence. Or decide not to apply.

Don't panic. What ever the outcome, you will still have plenty of opportunity to complete college. This particular college is not the only option for you. Right now it is the only one you might know of, but I am sure there will be many others. If not, you simply complete your high school diploma or do the GED and apply to college the usual way.

Congratulations for your determination to make something of your life.

Hope this helps.

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