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College For Special Education Students

Earl Said:

Does a special ed student continue to receive special ed support in college?

We Answered:

Special education does not exist in college for admitted students. IEPs DO NOT continue after college.

All publically-funded colleges are required to only provide reasonable modifications for otherwise qualified students. It does not admit all students with all severities of disabilities.

Here, the ADA/504 come into play--and it is a different set of rules than special education. It applies to all elgible disabilities, but gets tricky when talking about how these disabilities will be covered.

A college cannot provide the same range of modifications which had existed during k-12 (the IEP). It legally must provide a more limited range.

College modifications cannot be done to the course curriculum itself (providing a 'less strenous' level of work).

They can only be done to the building in which it is presented to or the course format (larger text print, a quiet test room...etc).

Tutoring would be available for all students (including those without disabilities). Extended deadlines, would not be appropriate---unless the professor made these extended deadline available to all students in the class because of issues which the professor themselves were having.

Otherwise, the student would merely get a lowered grade for failing to turn their assingnment in on time.The professor hands out a syllabus at the beginning of the semester, it is our responsibility to budget our time wisely. College is voluntary. Nobody 'has' to complete college.

The syllabus which a professor gives ALL students also contains general contact information about the disability services office (the location and contact info).

But this is merely a non-discrimination/equal opportunity statement. It is up to each individual student after that what they choose to do with the obtained information. The student must be the one handling the information.

It is like the campus also having to say it does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity....etc

In another big change from k-12, parents are NOT sent any information about the registration with this office, the meetings...etc. A student legally must handle this process now in order to obtain their services. The student does not do this, they will not obtain services.

A professor cannot actively tell a student, even one doing bad in class, to go the college campus accommodations office--and the office will not proactively summon them. This is due to privacy issues which now exist in the college environment.

Students who are admitted and want services in college must register and re register each semester. They also must notify their professors of all the accommodations which the campus office has said they are entitled to obtain.

*Anybody/any book claiming that only certain institutions will educate college students with disabilities is feeding you/high school students and parents a con-job

Because the ADA is a federal law, all campuses must comply with it. Like providing sanitary drinking water, it's compliance is not optional.

All campuses must have this office and provide services to elgible students--only the definition of elgibility and the means of getting the available services are what changes from k-12.

Billie Said:

I need example questions for an interview on Special Education Students for after I graduate high school.?

We Answered:

What would your expectations be in regards to a student who is noted as being MR with very low comprehension?
How would you incorporate your students into the realm of the school due to lack of understanding.
What is your goal as a Special Education Teacher?
What is Special Education to you?
I would actually love to see your answers because this is my back ground and I know it well.

Roy Said:

Online College Student - What are my rights as a special education student?

We Answered:

the school should have a disability services office--you are entitled to accommodations under section 504 of the rehab act. you are no longer a special ed student as there is not special ed in are a student with a disability..

ask how the accommodations you received in high school can be applied at college

Vincent Said:

Is there a special Education for a community college student?

We Answered:

Special education does not exist at the college level.

Unlike a public k-12 school (federally prohibited from excluding people based on the severity of their disability) a public college/university only has to provide reasonable accomodation to otherwise qualified prospective/admitted people with disabilities. It operates under different statues.

It does not have to admit or retain anybody with any disability who is unable to complete a course/degree--irrespective of 'how much' somebody wants a degree from somewhere.

You will be required to successfully complete the same coursework as other classmates without disabilities. There will be no 'special' curriculum prepared for you irrespective of your disabilities/severity of disabilities.

I do empathize with your struggle though. Getting accommodations in college is much different than had occured in public school. So it can be a new and admittedly overwhelming experience for a qualified and admitted student. Sometimes the public k-12 schools who were supposed to give us transition info, don't tell us any of this stuff.

Like was suggested--take less classes. Also consider joining a study group. And if you've not done it already, register with your campus office for disability services. This office will provide the reasonable accommodations for which you are elgible for provided that you have furnished all your appropriate doccumentation to them, including your course schedule and professor contact information. You will need to approach your professors and let them know you are a person with a disability who needs an accommodation, the office will not do this for you, but they will give you a letter listing the accommodation(s) you are to obtain from your professor(s).

Also consider talking with an off-campus vocational counselor. They can provide additional community resources and moral support if you qualify for their services. If you do decide to stay in college they can additionally function as your own personal career services office after graduation, helping you find/keep a job!

Finally, if you are not ready for college, it's okay to come back when you ARE ready. This is supposed to be for you, not your classmates, not the professors.

Jesus Said:

What major is best to choose for college students hoping to teach?

We Answered:

If you are currently at a community college and the four-year college you are aspiring to attend has an agreement with the c.c., get your A.A. there. The agreement means that the 4-year college will accept your A.A. and not make you take other general studies classes that they require of their own lower level students. If you transfer before getting your A.A., you will be required to have all the classes that the 4-year college requires of their students, and all of your credits may not be transferrable.

Most teachers get their bachelor's in early childhood or elementary education if they are planning to teach at that level. (The early childhood/elementary programs usually include the classes you need for your credentials) Florida has an endorsement add-on for middle school, meaning that if you have your elementary ed certification you need only take a few classes to be able to teach middle school. Most special education teachers also need an elementary education certification, or for whatever level they will be teaching sped.

Dance team is not a certification area, but you get a supplement, just like the coaches and band directors, for doing this after school activity.

Why not get your bachelors in special ed/elemetary education . Be forwarned, although sped teachers are in demand and you might get a job quicker, that once you get that sped certification it will be very hard to teach in a regular classroom--most principals will want to place you in the sped classes since they are a critical shortage area!! (I know of one teacher who had elementary and sped certification, dropped the sped when she renewed her certificate and was told to take the state exam and reinstate her sped certification or be fired even though she was teaching in a regular ed classroom!) and then, if you still want to teach high school, get your masters in the subject area that interests you along with the necessary methods classes for high school.

Consider getting your elementary certification first. Then if you want to do sped, you can take a few night classes and take the state exam. Or go for a middle school endorsement... again, there are only a few classes required to get this endorsement once you have your elementary certification. If you decide to teach high school later, then you can take the specific subject area classes and exams while you are still teaching, perhaps picking up an advanced degree (which translates into a bigger paycheck).

If you are still in a quandry as to what to do, go speak with an advisor at your school. The advisors should be able to tell you what your options are better than anyone on Yahoo or in any of your other circles.

Howard Said:

Can a person who graduated from high school with a special education diploma attend college?

We Answered:

Everyone can go to college including those in Special Ed.I was previously in Special Ed from pre-school through high school.I graduated with a Certificate of Completion.In Special Ed for high schoolers there are two ways to go and that is 1)Certificate of Completion 2)Diploma
Getting a diploma is a lot more difficult than it is for a Certificate of Completion.Your friend might want to ask her parents what route they have her on.She could be on either route depending which one her parents think is easier for her to do.Your friend can apply to a community college and most times they accept anyone.Also for majoirty of Special Ed students there is something called:Disabled Placement or something similar to that.This department helps the student with reading,math tutoring,longer test taking etc but she must show proof of her disabilities with a letter or IEP.

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Examsleader Certification said:

A college cannot provide the same range of modifications which had existed during k-12 (the IEP). It legally must provide a more limited range.