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College For Students With Learning Disabilities

Ramona Said:

colleges accepting students with learning disabilities?

We Answered:

It's illegal for a college to put less consideration into a student's application because we have a disability. All public colleges must accept qualified students with disabilities.

IEPs don't exist in any college--a college legally would not be allowed to consider a k-12 IEP even if it were submitted to the college admissions office. The college must discard a submitted IEP. Our IEP would be considered confidential medical information which the college admissions office would be unable to look at. Submitting it would not help your college admissions.

A college could and would look at your total applications packet. Even if you do not test well on standardized testing programs, have you performed well in the classes which you did take? Did these academic classes provide a level of academic instruction which is appropriate for successfully entering and then performing appropriately in the college environment?

What activities did you perform in school? Your community? Are you holding/have you held a job? How did/do you perform at these?

And you should get letters of recommendation from your activities supervisor/boss. Show the college you are responsible and a leader throughout your community.

Don't mention that you have a disability/can't do things. Recommendations letters should describe the accomplishments which you uniquely and successfully completed.

This comprehensive portfolio intentionally downplays testing scores. It instead demonstrates that you have many more skills. Your numerous community building skills will be the asset to the college---if admitted. Therefore the college obtains a reason to admit you even if your standardized testing scores aren't top notch when compared against students without disabilities.

It obtains professional-grade materials proving that you are a hard and innovative worker who is capable of completing complex assignments. Therefore there is a good chance you would be capable of successfully completing a college curriculum if admitted.

Tom Said:

how has electronic technology changed learning for college students.?

We Answered:

power point, instead of hand outs

Diana Said:

I am a college student with a learning disability?

We Answered:

I know how you feel because I too went through college as a full-time student and have a reading disability. It's tough but I made it with a 4 year degree.

You can go onto and that have federal jobs for students to look into.

You can also to talk the career service staff at your college. I'm sure they'll help you out.

Dianne Said:

Are there any colleges for students with learning disabilities near nyc?

We Answered:…

Alfred Said:

Learning disability, college student?

We Answered:

This is a good question, I am in the same boat right now, it's reassuring to know that I'm not the only one suffering with this problem.

Ever since elementary school, I've struggled with my basic Math. It also took me a long time to learn how to read the clock. I can read it now, but I have to stare at the clock for a long time first. My 3rd grade teacher even told my parent that I would struggle in life, because I'm so slow. Sure enough, I am struggling in college, and I've repeated 2 Math classes twice. I try really hard, and I study sometimes until 4 in the morning, but this isn't good because prolonged sleep deprivation has further hindered my ability to learn and concentrate. It sucks, because whenever I'm in class I almost appear drunk because I often zone out involuntarily during lecture and you can tell my mind is not fully there.

I, like you, have considered that I might have a learning disability. In fact, I'm going to call my doctor today for a diagnosis. I want to battle this problem once and for all. I say you should do the same.

Sheila Said:

What are the College preparations for students with learning disabilities?

We Answered:

she should ask for accommodatiosn for teh SAT--such as extended time--maybe a small room

ini college (assuming it is non religious) she needs to talk to teh disability services office about accommodations under 504/ADA

and publ;ic federally funded college is subject to both laws and must provide reasonabel accommodations

learning disabilities colleges

i had found a link a while ago with alist of colleges tahtw ent above and beyond

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