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College Grants For Minority Students

Charlie Said:

Where can I go to receive government and private funding/grants for a new business?

We Answered:

There are essentially only 4 sources for grants. A little known fact it that you do NOT have to be a non-profit to get a grant, regardless of what others tell you ... I've helped for-profits apply for grants.

Federal grants are called Small Business Innovation Research grants. These are given primarily for some new innovation. You can find out what's available at:
There is also info on this site about how to apply.

Some cities offer grants to small businesses if they will locate in the downtown area, for the purposes of building up downtown traffic. Check with City Hall.

There are some governemnt grants for minority businesses. You can find info at:

Finally, private foundations offer grants. You can get a list of most US Foundations and private grant sources at…

Frederick Said:

Generally, black college students don't put as much effort in school as other ethnicity..Why? see below..?

We Answered:

In my college, a lot of them were on athletic scholarships and their performance on the field was far more important than their performance in the classroom. It still was far from typical behavior. They may just appear to be trying less because education isn't valued in ghetto culture.

Marie Said:

Do you think this idea would help Obama college affordable?

We Answered:

Just what we need to get away from -- more government interference in the market!

Try and turn your obviously earnest and energetic intellect to use of a solution set derived from the free market and without recourse to government dicta and interference.

Ricardo Said:

Goverment Grants- How to apply?

We Answered:

If you're looking for government grants, the best place to go is and complete the FAFSA. (This also tells you what student loans you will qualify for, although you do have to pay student loans back.)

You'll get your EFC immediately if you do it online, but the government sends this number to your school and your school determines, based on your EFC and the program you're in, what you are eligible for. It will vary based on full-time/part-time status, grade level, and a few of other things.

It sounds like you're also looking for scholarship programs, since you are referencing minority status and personal needs. Scholarships don't have to be repaid, either. Check out for a scholarship search customized to your profile.

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