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College Health Insurance Student

Valerie Said:

What's the best type of health insurance for the college student? Out of state?

We Answered:

Being that you are a college student, do your parents have a plan that you are eligible under?

Besides that, you cant get much health insurance for $700/year these days. Even catastrophic care with huge deductibles are more then that.

Ray Said:

Health Insurance Question for College Student?

We Answered:


The Health Care amendment Pres. Obama signed into law hasn't yet gone into effect. However, once it does so (and some companies are starting it now) you should be on your parent's policy until age 26

So... check with your parent's insurance person before dropping full-time status.

Marc Said:

Most Comprehensive Health Insurance for a College Student?

We Answered:

You need to look at each university's website to see what they offer.

Most offers PPO plans, which lets you see anyone (in the network).

Dental plan is usually an option.

No plans cover everything--if one exists, it will not be affordable. They're there to make profit, after all. This means no plans cover all prescriptions.

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When I was a student, sometimes I also have same thought on my mind so I got my Fast Online Degree and done some research on this and from legitimate sources I was able to get these points which includes that at first you have to be over 26 for your own health insurance until you are under 26 you should be on your parent’s insurance. In case you are dependent under 26 and living in different state than your pay will still be calculated because Marketplace investments are based on likely income for all tax household members, not just the ones who need insurance.

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Most understudies get their medical coverage through a parent's arrangement or through their school's or college's wellbeing arrangement. These are particularly significant alternatives for individuals with prior restorative conditions, since the majority of these arrangements can't turn you down for scope in view of your medicinal history. You *can* get turned down for scope (in many states) when you go out and buy a medical coverage anticipate your own.

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