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College In Canada For International Students

Alfredo Said:

Cheap college or university for international student in Canada?

We Answered:

I think the Canadian dollar is currently on par with the US so I don't know of any institutions offering tuition to international student for $5,000 per year. I took a peak on some of the UK university sites and found that tuition is currently £3,070. I don't know what the international rate is but it only takes 3 years to finish you BA/BSc instead of might be an option to save some tution.
Another option is to start at a local college/university and then transfer to one of their international partner universities. There are always opportunities to do this.
One last option I've recently heard about is there is something called the Ambassadoral Scholarship being offered by Rotary International. It sponsors students who want to study overseas...…
Good luck

Jeanette Said:

Low price college / university in canada for international nursing student ?

We Answered:

They are all pretty much the same price. The aren't really any "cheap" nursing schools.If you do select a nursing program make sure it is an accredited program recognized by the licensing bodies.

Erica Said:

What is the Cheapest School in Toronto Canada that accepts International Students?

We Answered:

well in Toronto, there are a few universities:
University of Toronto
York University
University of Guelph- Humber

and colleges:
George Brown
Seneca College
Centennial College
Humber College

I suggest looking into the websites of these schools and find out which best suits your needs. I'm not exactly sure which of these are open to international students, except i'm fairly certain UofT is.

Good luck!

Edward Said:

which college is the cheapest college in Vancouver Canada for international students?

We Answered:

Only a person that lives in Canada could give you best directions.

I am myself an int. student, and I think the best way to get some informations is collegeboard. There is a search engine that will help you a lot. Once you find one, there will be plenty of information for you.

As an international student, you can work up to 20 hours a week, and 40 hours a week during holydays or school end. You can work legaly only on campus.

I really can't give you some more information about living on rent, but I am sure that it is a whole lot cheaper when you reside on school campus. As I said, go on collegeboard, you will learn more about the expenses.

Wish you good luck

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