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College Loans For Students

Dennis Said:

Can college students w/ loans get food stamps?

We Answered:

I think that as a college student you'd qualify for food stamps, would have to talk to appropriate human services department and they'll let you know where you stand. You can easily live off of student loans while in college, do work study, and save save save. If I had it to do all over again, I'd def do it better lol. Check out this link also if you plan on making purchases using credit/debit cards, etc. you can get money saved automatically to pay down student loans, that's what i'm doing. Get your family involved in this program too! Good luck!

Bertha Said:

About what percentage of college students take out loans to pay for school?

We Answered:

95% probably. Not many parents do college funds anymore, they can't afford it.

Justin Said:

If the bank handling my college loans goes bankrupt, how will I be affected?

We Answered:

The loan won't go away. It'll simply be sold to a new bank.

From your perspective, the only thing that would change is the address on the payment stub or however you make the payment.

The amount, interest rate and other terms for the loan remain the same.

Even if Citibank were to get bought by another bank, as Wamu did, the merger will take a few years to fully complete. In the meantime, you would still deal with Citibank. Your branch, account #, and all other information would remain the same for now. Eventually you will get a letter explaining how your accounts and everything will be merged over to the new bank, but access to your accounts and all that would remain uninterrupted.

Even if this didn't happen, I had my student loans sold off to new banks while I was repaying them. All that happened was I got a letter from the old bank saying they'd sold my loan to a different bank. I then got a letter from the new bank explaining they had purchased my loan, and any differences I needed to be aware of. For instance, one bank used a book of repayment coupons I would just mail in with my check each month, whereas the other bank would send me a monthly statement.

Trust me, "they" want their money! Even if the actual name of "they" changes, they will make sure you know where to send the money.

As for the post-college economy...don't worry about it too much right now. A lot will happen in the next 4 years - both to our country and to you personally. Just worry about getting through college as best you can. Once you've decided on a major, try to get an internship, co-op, or part time job in your field. This, more than any class you will take, will help you get a job after graduation.

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