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College Ratings By Students

Clarence Said:

Do you think the media (news) generate fear or information that benefits us in the long run?

We Answered:

I personaly think its both, like the VA tech shooting, i belived the media devoloped alot of fear in talking about that, or any other school shooting, because they were giving the shooter attnetion, my journalism teacher had us talk about the shooting and i refused to because i dident want to give him what he wanted, but back to the question :-|, i think it is to generate fear and money and ratings, look around you and see everything, countrys and crap, its all about who has more money and the bigger D**k

Linda Said:

What colleges has the ugliest girls?

We Answered:

Michigan. The only thing hairy than their armpits are their upper lip and Ann Arbor is a whore.

Laurie Said:

Unethical Professor? gives better grades to people who don't show up?

We Answered:

Unless it was clear that there was to be a major penalty for absences, there is nothing unethical about this. The professor gives grades based upon performance, not just effort. Even if you were there every day, you apparently did C+ work; those who weren't there may have done better. It is frustrating to know that others don't have to put in the effort you do for a class, but certainly not the professor's fault. No, you shouldn't report this. You will just make yourself look stupid. By the way, I looked at the RMP site. Except for two people who don't seem to like that she teaches what the class is supposed to teach, one general complaint about ethics for no reason, and one who is unhappy because he got a C+ for failing to do the work (and I suspect that you wrote both of the latter two comments), everyone else is pretty positive about the professor. While she doesn't sound like the most fabulous professor ever, she certainly doesn't sound like she is below average in any way.

Felicia Said:

they're brainwashed by fox news?

We Answered:

You say you're a college student. Maybe your folks are conservative because they've lived in the real world? As for Fox News, it's really the only conservative-leaning news outlet. Perhaps your parents are just plain disgusted by the "reporting" on the other channels.

Eduardo Said:

So Harry Reid is fighting his low poll ratings with cash?

We Answered:

That's what I call "Circling the Wagons", he knows he is going DOWN!

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