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College Scholarships For Adhd Students

Thelma Said:

What to do about my 18 year old son?

We Answered:

Sorry, but your son is no longer a child. He hasn't been a child since he was about 7 years old. You are not obligated to let him stay with you. I know you mean well, but it is his life. All you can do is take care of yourself. Never Never Never give a person more than he gives you.
I suggest you find an Alanon meeting and begin looking at your part of this whole mess. You cannot point the finger without noticing the three fingers pointing right back at you.

Gabriel Said:

another college may accept me yes or no?

We Answered:

Can't you just take the algebra 2 course from the community college over the summer and then enroll in the university in the fall. Let them know you are taking it and they should accept you pending you pass the algebra 2 class. I know people who have done this. It will cost the $300 or whatever for that one course, but it is a lot cheaper in the long run. and you can get financial assistance for that. Good Luck.

Mattie Said:

How do my stats look for college admissions in general or scholarships?

We Answered:

Depends on what college you are thinking of applying to.

Lillie Said:

Is it possible to develop ADHD when you become an adult?

We Answered:

Yes it is possible, there are many things in our current environment that can aggravate our mental processes so you may've had it before but not had any symptoms because you weren't exposed to the "ADD aggravating factor." I think that true ADD is genetic but you can also develop ADD if exposed to enough of the aggravating factor.

I personally have ADD but wasn't diagnosed until my junior year at university, from what I've read and my own experience I think that wheat is one of the strongest ADD aggravating factors. My friend is a chiropractor that does allergen tests and he says that the people with the worst ADD symptoms usually test positive for an allergen. He also said that wheat and milk are the two main allergens that can cause psychological conditions but not necessarily physical symptoms.

If you answer a few questions I can give you a more precise answer, how does caffeine affect you? Have you ever or do you smoke cigarettes?

I'm glad you don't smoke bc it makes ADD a lot worse over even a short period of time. People with ADD tend to have a low tolerance for caffeine, even a little bit can keep them up late but this isn't always the case bc it depends on what kind of ADHD you have. I have the inattentive kind, so I tend to zone out and have trouble following conversations, in contrast my sister has the hyper traditional kind of ADHD- caffeine makes her really hyper.

I listen to music a whole lot too, it's pretty much required for concentration aha, but did you know that ADD is actually thought to be an adaptation to hunting? When you're in a quiet place (like the woods) and you have ADD then every single noise gets your attention, this is very important bc any noise could be coming from a potential prey OR a predator. So concentrating good may be really helpful in the classroom but if you concentrate too much in the field then you'll get eaten by a bear. I don't hunt, but I still like my ADD and wouldn't trade it for anything.

Ida Said:

Any thoughts on the 'sob story'?

We Answered:

Challenges you have over come could simply be "I have ADHD, and other LD, but have made good grades". Show - to the college - how you are willing to work hard (and overcome obstacles) to obtain your educational goal. What do you want to be in life - how this college can help you attain it. Just relax - take it little by little - I'm sure more ideas will come to you. Good luck and God bless ?

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