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College Scholarships For Left Handed Students

Leslie Said:

can someone help me shorten my work ?

We Answered:

U didnt critique it, you just summarized what they want to do. To critique it you have to give your opinion on their views and what they want to do. Do you think each is capable of doing what they say they can and do you think any of it will help society's educational position?

Juanita Said:

Exorcism in a college dorm room?

We Answered:

Most likely abuse of power and trust.

Aside from the signs you list not being on the general list of signs associated with exorcism, there are other important clues that this was not a true exorcism.

Only five Christian denominations (Catholicism, Lutheranism, Methodism, Anglicanism, and Pentecostalism) perform exorcisms, and they all require that a properly trained priest/pastor/reverand be in charge.

A true exorcism is actually extremely dangerous. Spiritually, those involved run the risk of having the demons turn on them. Physically, the possessed person is not allowed food or drink for the entire duration (high risk of projectile vomiting because of the pure evil of the demon), and since it can run for days, there's the risk of starvation or deydration. The victim of posession can also turn extremely violent the minute that the prayers begin.

No true exorcism can proceed without permission from church authorities, and before that permission is granted, all physical and mental disorders must be ruled out. Disorders that can mimic and were once mistaken for demonic posession can include schizophrenia, mania, hysteria, Tourette's Syndrome, and dissociative personality disorder.

Carmen Said:

Do we need two presidents and two budgets .?

We Answered:

What good would two President's do ? We already have a Congress that is supposed to give checks and balances on the Presidents spending. It has been shown that that apparently doesn't work. Why compound the problem.

Brent Said:

College classes: Take 18 s.h. and get a class out of the way, or 14 s.h. because it's better for my schedule?

We Answered:

Why can't you go ahead and get the science out of the way this semester, and move one of your other classes to next semester? Why take the chance that you have overloaded yourself this one semester when you can just as easily move another class to the last semester, even everything out a little, and fulfill the 12 hr requirement for next semester all at the same time?

Be aware that the science lab is going to take way more time than the class itself.

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