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College Scholarships For Minority Students

Erin Said:

How can I dramatically change the college application?

We Answered:

Why can't colleges use race as a factor in admissions? Some do. Depends on the state, and on the college. Some states have forbidden the use of race as a factor in admissions. Others have not. It can be one, of many, things considered, depending on the state and the college.

Schools look at you as an entire person, and seek out students that they feel will add something to their student body. Race can sometimes come into that for some schools. Other things come in as well - social class, income, gender, military status, disability, specific extra curriculars, something special re: academics, etc.

How does consideration re: race normally work in college admissions, for the colleges that consider it? I'll give you an exaggerated example to make my point - the college only has two places left in the class. There are two students they like who are borderline admits - same SAT scores, same GPA, pretty much similar extra curriculars. In that case, the college might give the nod to the minority student. But if you are white, and your SAT and GPA are a perfect fit for that school, your being white won't keep you out, because you won't be a borderline admit - you'll get right in. And if you're borderline re: SATs and GPA, and it's down to you and another kids, and it's YOU that bring something special to the class re: diversity or interest - you're in band, you're former military, you plan to play football, you worked after school to learn Arabic on your own time, your family is impoverished and yet you've been successful in school - then it could be you they'd give the nod to. It's not all about race. It's about diversity in their class, and that's not just about racial diversity.

Have there been exceptions to this - colleges who weigh race quite heavily re: admissions? Yes. But is this true for all, or even most, colleges? No.

So back to your original assumption - does being white and male make you "grossly disadvantaged" re: college admissions. Not at all. In fact, you're male at a time when, at most colleges, the majority of applicants are female. Colleges are actively seeking out male students. This could give you an edge at some places. It in no way disadvantages you. It, in fact, gives you an advantage. You could get in over a girl with similar SATs and test scores, because you are male. Interesting, yes? True.

As for the minority scholarships: there are scholarships of all types given by tons of different groups. Ancient Order of Hibernians - Irish. Knights of Columbus - Catholic. Daughters of the American Revolution - for women whose ancestry goes back to a certain time in the US. US Postal Service, for kids whose parents work for the postal service. Etc. So yes, there are scholarships for minority students. There are also scholarships targeted to you. Your job is to find those that fit you, and apply for them.

Julio Said:

Is it alright for the gov. to require colleges to have set amounts of minority students to get gov. funding?

We Answered:

The application for federal and state finanical aid (FAFSA) has not a single quesiton about race or ethnicity on it. It is not a factor in geting government funding.

If you want to look at the application go to

Rita Said:

is there any college scholarship appliication for 10th grade minority students in Alabama for the term of 2006

We Answered:

Try those scholarship websites. Fast web was so helpful to me. You can also try going to the website of the school you actually want to go to. Good Luck

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