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College Software For Students

Randy Said:

Can college students download Rosetta Stone software for free?

We Answered:

Usually college students can get it for free if the school and software company have an agreement with each other. My college has an agreement with Microsoft and Norton so therefore we get free downloads. With rosetta stone, most colleges will just offer a discount. Maybe it was because he took a course in Japanese?…

Military personnel get discounts...know any?

Eddie Said:

Does anyone know where students can get free Microsoft software for school?

We Answered:

I know the information I am giving you is not Microsoft but it is legal and a free alternative to MS Office if that is what you are looking for.

Christina Said:

where can i find software project for college students ?

We Answered:

Try statistical pattern recognition (PR). This field involves taking data and classifying it using its features. There are many publications in this field, as well as many algorithms that are in need of fresh ideas. Additionally, there are many applications that could benefit from PR. Since you said you were an engineer, this may be used for sensor or DSP-based projects. Other applications include medical or quality control processes.

If you are really interested, check out the research being done at Rowan University by the Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition Laboratory (SPPRL) at the link below.

Andy Said:

Windows Seven For College Students?

We Answered:

That's entirely up to the school. They don't have to provide it and, if they choose to, they set the terms.

James Said:

What is the best configuration of windows xp IE 7 for online college students?

We Answered:

I'm having trouble with IE7 and accessing my courses as well. Call tech support. You're going all James Joyce on me with the rest of the question.

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