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College Student Auto Insurance

Benjamin Said:

Auto Insurance out of state college student?

We Answered:

It doesn't matter who pays the premium on the auto policy, as long as someone pays it. Your parents CAN still add the vehicle - regardless of what state it is registered in, on their policy.

Troy Said:

auto insurance for a college student in PA?

We Answered:

you could be added for just those three months, but it would be a hassle. also, if you stay on the insurance all year your rates will drop faster because there will be no gaps in coverage.

the insurance company will ask your parents how often you drive the car... if they say you're away from home and not driving for 8 months out of the year, chances are your insurance is going to be a lot cheaper than if you drove all the time. When I lived in PA and went to college, my mom added me all year and told them I was away most of the time... i think her insurance only went up like 12 dollars a month or something when she added me.

So, yeah, have them add you for the whole year, but also have them tell progressive that you are not there 8 months, so you would only be driving occasionally 3 months out of the year. Good luck!

What college do you go to?

Steven Said:

Is there any auto insurance that is affordable for college students?

We Answered:

Yes. If a college student has a good driving record, a good credit score, and is willing to drive a beater 6 years old or older that's all paid for so you don't need full coverage, MOST insurance companies are affordable.

If you have a new car, or a car with a loan on it, it's not the insurance that's your problem - it's the CAR that isn't affordable.

Of course, if you've got a poor credit score, and/or poor driving record, then you're going to get the same high risk rates as everyone else with poor credit and poor driving records.

Melinda Said:

Does residency matter in determining auto insurance for a college student?

We Answered:

What matters is if you are renting an apartment with your name on the lease or utility bills, or if you are living in a dormitory. If you are in a dorm, your permanent address is still considered to be your parents address. If you are living in an apartment, that is considered to be your address, because you have signed a lease or pay utilities.
So, if you are living in campus housing, you will use the rates available at home regardless. If you are living off-campus, you will use the rates locally, and yes there will be a difference in rates.
Good luck.

Rosemary Said:

College student & Auto Insurance?

We Answered:

Okay, the best thing to do is call your agent and tell them he is going to be a resident student (it's a huge discount) and not a primary driver of any car.
You could try to take him off the policy, but b/c he is still a dependent of your household and would still occasionally drive your vehicles, your insurance company would frown upon that and could make a fuss if you needed to file a claim with your son as the driver.

Toni Said:

Can an 18 year old/college student stay on parents auto insurance?

We Answered:

You can stay on their insurance even if you are in college. The reason your parents are so concerned is even with the discounts, it is still going to be a thousand dollars or more to insure you just for liability, depending on where you live, the kind of coverage etc. If you pay the difference and are otherwise responsible, then, yes, your parents should consider letting you have the car, and I let my teen have one. The thing is you have to understand that your parents could be liable if you have an accident and the insurance isn't enough.

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