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College Student Car Deals

Audrey Said:

What would be the best way to buy a car for a 18year old college student?

We Answered:

Financed by the dealership.

Andre Said:

Im a college student and everywhere i look there's a perfect opprotunity to own a car,

We Answered:

Leasing works best when you get a new car. Leasing for a college student may be a bit difficult without a cosigner, altho, some manufacturers offer special incentives for graduating/graduated students. Low interest financing for purchases is also available right now, so either direction you go will be fine as long as you can secure a loan.
I would personally lease because you can get a slightly better car similar monthly payments compared to buying. The difference is that you don't own the car at the end of the lease.

Bertha Said:

I'm a college student in need of buying a car. Anyone know of a dealership in/near Houston,TX w/ good deals?

We Answered:

Go here.

Real link.

Don't click the one under me.

Kyle Said:

Soon to be college student looking for a great deal on a good car.?

We Answered:

Check your local used car dealer.

A $7000 budget will likely put you into the 5 year old cars with 40-50,000 miles on them. That's assuming you're looking for something like a Honda Civic, Accord, Focus, Taurus, Camry-generic cars that go from A to B.

Armando Said:

I'm a college student looking to buy a used car @ a dealership and I have no idea where to start.?

We Answered:

This is want you need to do. Many car dealers can sell you a car with your credit. You need to do the research your self to find the best deals. Also know this that you need to ensure that you can make the payments on time. That means you have to know what you can afford each month car, gas, insurance you get the idea. Also you really don't have to have a down payment since you will pay a high interest rate. So pick a car for example chevy's colbert. Top price 14,400 72 months (low payment) plus interest (12%) . There is the deal also used cars are not that much cheaper theses days, try new cars first.

Tyler Said:

Which is A Better Deal for a Car For a college student?

We Answered:

Have you tried finding similar vehicles in your local ads or newspapers for sale by private sellers? If you have time, do opt to purchase a used car from a private seller. Buying from used auto dealerships should always be the last option, because they like to sell most all their used cars at retail. Don't fall for the detailed work of exteriors and interiors from used cars lots. I buy from private sellers and do all the cleaning, waxing, and washing myself for much, much less money.

Private sellers tends to sell their cars at a much lower price--and some might even give you the 'best offer' option--always a plus in my book. Used car dealers loves it when anyone can buy their cars using a trade-in. They practically get a 'free' car and your money. Two for the price of one.

Your answer: Since it snows a lot where you live, I'd get the Toyota Highlander, even though the mileages are high.

The Corolla is a good choice, too---good on gas..and probably lower mileages. Either way, the dealer's got you exactly where he wants you. He seems to be the only one who will come out winning in this deal. I mean at the way he will give you for your trade-in. What an a$$hole.

G-luck. :)

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