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College Student Computer Discounts

Allan Said:

Where could I find student discounts for computers?

We Answered:

On their website there should be links. Apple also has student discounts and specials.

Pedro Said:

Mac Book Pro 15' or Dell Inspiron for student going into college for Graphic Design?

We Answered:

Id go with the dell insporion...With all the money your gonna save without the macbook you could set yourself up with a very good college laptop...And more battery opitions up to a 9cell or something for unending use...Mac Books are just too much money if you really want a bang for your buck...Even though the macbook might look cool and sharp...imagine how much money your gonna save to set you up with a good system...

Also here are some good coupons sites:

Jay Said:

Are student discounts only available at specific Apple store locations?

We Answered:

The discount is available at any Apple retail store or through the education website.

All you need at retail locations is your student ID and they'll take care of everything.

The current back to school promotion does include the preexisting student discount both in store and online.

One note, though, for the free iPod touch, it isn't an instant rebate. You have to pay for it and get refunded with an online rebate that might take up to 4 weeks to get you a rebate check.

Todd Said:

Does anyone know of a place in Baltimore City that gives discounts on laptops for college students?

We Answered:

hellz no, you should try to get one from, i know they have student priced laptops.

Nina Said:

How do I get a student discount on a laptop computer?

We Answered:

Register yourself in and get discounts on selected models and u can place online with less cost…

Good Luck and Happy Processing!!!!

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