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College Student Credit Cards With No Credit

Barry Said:

College Student and Credit Cards (question)?

We Answered:

Having more credit with no or low balances would improve your credit score. Remember to watch your cards - even if you don't use them. Those are the easy ones for someone to steal or to do fraud. Also the discover card doesn't really offer that much cash back. Its tiered so that you need to spend $$$$ before you actually get the 2% back on your purchases. Credit cards are the easiest way to screw up your credit and get into a lot of debt. It happens to a lot of college kids. I will put a few drinks on my card tonight because these guys are my friends. You are trying to pay it off at 18-24%. If you are going out -- leave the cards at home. Can't buy drinks when your drunk if you don't have them with you.

Rhonda Said:

College student with no credit. How can I get a Credit Card?

We Answered:

Hello good sir Dong.

I would say if you have no money then applying for a credit card is a bad idea. Typically you should have some income coming in before you start using a credit card.

Wait till you get a job, get some money, then apply for a student credit card. Use it wisely, never buy more than you can afford, and you will start building up your credit.

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