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College Student Credit Cards

Geraldine Said:

whats the best college student credit card? mtvU? discover student card?

We Answered:

I agree with you, credit cards are very good as long as you know how to maintain them. People complain that they are bad because they have no common sense and spend the money they can't afford to pay back and create trouble not just for themselves but for our economy.

I'm not sure exactly which student card is the best one but I can guide you to the following website that lists many student cards side by side so you can find the right one for yourself. Good luck in college!

Cassandra Said:

College Student Credit Card / First credit card with no History?

We Answered:

You can get your own credit card. There are some places that give out cards to people with no credit or poor credit. The following large, well-known banks are among these:

Household Bank (also known as HSBC) at
Orchard Bank at
Capital One at

Your limits won't be really high at the beginning, but with responsible use and timely payments, they will grow.

Good luck, and charge responsibly!

Ruth Said:

Help with graduated college student and how to get establish Credit?

We Answered: - try this service to boost you credit score before getting loan. After credit repair you can get the loan with minimal interest rate.

Lance Said:

I'm looking for a college student credit card that has awards ?

We Answered:


Beverly Said:

College Student With Credit Card DEBT?

We Answered:

This happens all the time to college students, credit card companies prey on people just like yourself. I don't recommend debt consolidation. It can back fire and make things worse for you.

Don't ruin your credit score by ignoring the problem. Whatever you do don't be late on any of your payments. Maybe you can pick up a part time job to pay it off. I do credit repair for a living, and you do have other options. If you respond maybe I can help you with this issue. I need more information. Best of luck

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