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College Student Demographics

Virginia Said:

Does anyone else see this? College and race demographics?

We Answered:

Almost everyone is capable of going to college - it's just a question of which one you're willing to go to. People are not denied an education because of this system. Your concept sounds good - everyone be treated equal and no advantages because of race, but the fact of the matter is, certain people are given advantages bc of race anyway. People complain about Affirmative Action, but don't mention the Legacy system - which wealthy white families benefit from all the time (GW Bush). We're told from an early age, that if you work hard and become educated, you can do anything but that isn't the case. Often times, it's you're (or your families) connections that make you successful (GW Bush), is an example of this. This is how America has worked for centuries and this is STILL how America works now. Black families have had MUCH less time to acquire the wealth that white families have, so they are at a 350 year disadvantage (remember, blacks didn't have many opportunities until the the 1960's). Before Affirmative Action, white men were ALWAYS given preferential treatment over blacks and this only changed bc of AA. People are still much more likely to hire a person they're own, than some stranger.

Here is a link on legacies…

Adrian Said:

What percentage of college students play poker?

We Answered:

Precisely 78.689 percent

Renee Said:

Why do there seem to be more female college students than male college students in today's America?

We Answered:

This is already being looked into The US Commission of Civil Rights is currently investigating nineteen undisclosed American colleges for allegedly implementing affirmative action-like programs to boost male admission.

Vassar College accepted 20 percent of the women who applied last year (nearly two thirds of the applicant pool were women) while it accepted 35 percent of men who applied.

Pomona College accepted 13 percent of its female applicants but nearly 21 percent of its male applicants. A 2007 analysis by the US World News and Report found that admissions rates for women were on average 13 percentage points lower than for men’s.

Data and statistics may not tell the full story; it is possible these men were more qualified candidates. But it’s also possible being a male is an inherent advantage when applying to college.

Henry Broaddus, the Dean of Admissions at William and Mary College, believes that gender balance is important, stating: “I stand by the assertion that institutions that market themselves as co-ed, and believe that the pedagogical experiences they provide rely in part on a co-ed student body, have a legitimate interest in enrolling a class that is not disproportionately male or female.

”Colleges want to continue to appeal to female applicants and this often means having a more equal ratio between the sexes. This creates a personal moral dilemma. I certainly don’t want to receive the dreaded thin envelope from a university, while a less-qualified boy is accepted. At the same time, I want a co-ed college experience, filled with interactions with both sexes.

There seems to be an answer to the question of gender inequality in college admissions: the need for more qualified boys. But that in and of itself isn’t really the solution. The solution is how to mold more academically driven male students. Boys in high school need to end a culture of poor study habits, where being smart and receiving good grades is uncool, they are seen as "nerds".

Girls are more supportive of each other’s academic endeavors and it’s possible this plays a role in their success. Girls also tend to be more organized than boys and this influences their ability to stay on top of assignments. What is needed is more academically driven and organized boys so that girls’ success is not at the expense of the boys.

Lewis Said:

what is the enthic demographics at truman college?

We Answered:

Harry S Truman College, popularly called Truman College and formerly called Mayfair College, is a city college of Chicago, Illinois in the United States. Located at 1145 West Wilson Avenue in the Uptown neighborhood.

Student Demographics
74% minority students:
44% Hispanic
18% African American
12% Asian
22% White
53% female, 47% male
Average Age = 33

Carmen Said:

When a census is taken of a town's population, does it include college students as a part of the population...

We Answered:

Yes they do count in they are expected to stay over two months.

Think about UCLA with almost 40K students. They use resources in LA for the most times, not their county or city from which they are from, so they do count.

Here it is from the census bureau

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