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College Student Discount

Marjorie Said:

Pa. auto Insurance 100 mile from home college student discount law.?

We Answered:

It's not a law. Insurance companies can, if they want, give an "away at college" discount, IF the student is more than 100 miles from home, WITHOUT A CAR.

I've HAD a PA license for a long time. Either your agent doesn't know what she's talking about, OR, she only represents one company that does NOT give an away at school discount.

Most companies in PA do this. BUT. If you have a car with you, you're not entitled.

Ryan Said:

Can I just buy microsoft word on it's own with a college student discount or is the discount just for office?

We Answered:

MS currently has a great deal on the whole Office package, $59.95. Don't think you will find Word cheaper than this and you might need the other programs some day for other classes.…

Mildred Said:

What are the best sites for college student discount airfare?

We Answered:

A website that I find very useful is Click on search air fares and then log in as a guest. It is not a site to book flights, but is searches multiple airlines at once. It will let you know which airlines have the lowest fares. If you see something you are interested in, write down the flight details and you can book it direclty through the specific airline.

Beatrice Said:

where can i get a college student discount for the norton software?

We Answered:

Don't bother with Norton. Try a search and you will find a good amount of good-quality antivirus programs that are free to download. Myself, I use AVG.

Alfred Said:

Do all subways offer a college student discount if you have a student photo ID?

We Answered:

I live in central Queensland and i have never had a discount. It would be nice as i live right next to a subway store.

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