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College Student Discounts

Seth Said:

Are there any other discounts for the Macbook Pro besides the student discount?

We Answered:

Buying a used Macbook Pro is pretty much the only way that you can get one for considerably less. Sometimes you may be able to find one on Amazon, but your best bet is to buy a refurbished one through Apple.

Most of the refurbished computers are computers that had problems when they were first shipped out to customers. Then, the customer sent it back and Apple fixed the thing that went wrong... and put it up for sale again at a reduced price!

Apple is a very reliable company and prides itself in its great customer satisfaction, therefore you know that you'll still be a quality Macbook Pro that has been fixed properly... almost good as new. This is what Apple says about their refurbished products:

"Before we put a refurbished Mac, iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV up for sale in Special Deals, it undergoes a rigorous refurbishment process to make sure it's up to Apple's tough quality standards. We back it with our standard one-year limited warranty. And you have the option of purchasing an AppleCare Protection Plan for it."

Refurbished Macbook Pros are normally 15%-25% cheaper than the original price, which would usually be in the $900 range if you're looking for a 13 inch.

That's still a hefty price, but it's cheaper than the original. Apple doesn't offer many sales or discounts (and most are only for college students). There's a chance it could come down a little for the Christmas season, but if it does, it won't be by much. You probably won't find any quality Macs cheaper than the refurbished ones, so buying a refurbished is likely your best bet.

Good luck!

Bessie Said:

Can i get some sort of college or student card for discounts at 16?

We Answered:

You will get one when you start at your college, regardless of your age. The only problem is that not many places offer discounts to students, so other than for travel, it won't help you much.

Katrina Said:

How do you write a letter asking for college student discounts at restaurants?

We Answered:

In all out honesty, you would be better off going into the establishment and presenting your claim or cause and here it straight from the horses mouth so-to-speak. An appearance has much more impact, face to face, that sort of thing usually gets you much further than a letter. Good Luck.

Victor Said:

What is some free stuff/software or discounts I can get as a college student? Major is computer science?

We Answered:

Nobody gives discounts to students, colleges use students as money banks. they charge $200 for a book, they charge parking, the food is expensive, and they put them in a loan hole, some as much as $100,000. they take advantage of poor kids that are trying to learn. in most other countries education is free and ppl respect students giving cheap or free food, housing and books, but in America its different.

Vernon Said:

how do you get college student discounts when buying a notebook pc?

We Answered:

go to the websites and read for once

Kim Said:

How can I get college student discounts on broadway plays?

We Answered:…

I did a search at "" for "student discounts Broadway Plays"

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