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College Student Exchange Programs

Bryan Said:

I am a non-college student participating in a foreign exchange program, is there any funding available to me?

We Answered:

Since the orgs are in business to make money (and they make a ton, the all-expense paid trip this year is to Lisbon), I doubt it. They have no real reason to help you since they have kids begging to come to America and not enough host families to take them.
Rotary claims to offer help to kids in other countries to come here but you'd have to check to see if they'd help you go to another country. Maybe not. This is a rich kid's game.

Jennifer Said:

What are some exchange programs with scholarships available for a college student from Brazil?

We Answered:

Go to an organization called AFS intercultural programs its a great way to get involved either study abroad or summer programs. Im going to Argentina this summer for a volunteering program for a month!

William Said:

Soccer (Football) exchange student programs in England?

We Answered:

disgraceful response no?

Julian Said:

Where to live in Las Vegas, college student, female, will be living alone...?

We Answered:

UNLV is a university in the city of Las Vegas, so if you live close to UNLV, then stay where you are. But it depends on you on where you want to live, if you live further away from Las Vegas, it takes longer to reach to the UNLV.

Clarence Said:

I want to study abroad in Sydney, Australia as an college exchange student?

We Answered:

Your college should be the one setting up the exchange. At my school there is a big building that is dedicated to just studying abroad.

Vickie Said:


We Answered:

Yes, you can apply as an international student.

Olga Said:

What are some good student exchange programs??

We Answered:


The list of all exchange student programs certified to operate in the U.S. can be found at Don't use one not on that list. However, you should also check with your high school counselor for recommendations. An organization is only as good as the local representatives. It's very important that there are local people to help you through the process.

Rotary is the cheapest, but most competitive. Other good programs are Aspect, AFS, 4-H, YFU, depending upon where you are located.

For information on the exchange student experience, check out
That's a web site written by exchange students for exchange students and has a lot of helpful information for every stage in the process from application through returning home.

Good luck and have fun!

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