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College Student Financial Aid

Heidi Said:

College Student Financial Aid Question /Grant Status /Money?

We Answered:

Typically, money can be used for tuition, req'd text books, fees, and supplies. Supplies can include from paper to calculators to photocopy charges.

Also, you should have the entire year to use the money, not just the one semester. So if you are going to school over the summer, when grant money is hard to come by, you can apply the excess from Fall and Spring terms.

Zachary Said:

student dependency, College Financial Aid ?

We Answered:

There are steps you can take to file independently. I would first talk to your financial aid office and see what their internal regulations are. A friend of mine did this. He was estranged from his parents because of their nasty drug and alcohol problems. He submitted some papers signed by a judge and was deemed independent. Only then was he able to receive financial assistance on his own. If your financial aid office is unwilling to budge, call FAFSA at 800-433-3243. I've called several times in the past, and they have always been really helpful. Good luck!

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