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College Student Insurance Plans

Karl Said:

my 22 yearold fulltime college student is on my insurance plan at work do I get a tax break?

We Answered:

If your company takes your portion of the insurance premium out of your check pretax, you get a tax break by not getting taxed on your income that pays for the insurance.

Alex Said:

I am a unemployed college student and I need health insurance. Who has great affordable plans?

We Answered:

When I was in college, I believe the school offered health insurance that's fairly inexpensive. At any rate, they had basic services at the clinic on campass. I would check there.

Lori Said:

Health insurance for full time college student?

We Answered:

One suggestion I can offer is to first go to the medical center at the university. You pay for their services when you pay tuition, so take advantage of it. If they can't cover the services you need, they can probably direct you to some clinics that are free, but are safe and reputable.
Another option you may have is insurance through your university. Many big schools offer their students health insurance on a semester basis. Inquire about that when you go to the health center. Best of luck with your health. I will say a prayer for you.

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