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College Student Insurance

Irene Said:

Cost of med insurance for a college student living on their own?

We Answered:

If you are a full time student you can be on your parents insurance until age 26 or 27. Also, the colleges have student health center.

Insurance for your age is cheaper than anyone else. You have to call all the insurance companies that are in your state and get them to send you prices on their different plans. Monthly premiums vary depending on what is included in each plan.

Daisy Said:

Massachussetts College Student Insurance Waiver?

We Answered:

No. If you don't want health insurance, they don't have to accept you as a student.

Christine Said:

Do insurance companies verify your college transcript for a good student discount?

We Answered:

The verify it somehow. They might be satisfied with the grade reports that are sent each semester, and not insist on a transcript. But they will not take your word for it.

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