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College Student Internships

Bradley Said:

I am in law school and I was wondering am I still considered a college student?

We Answered:

Law school is a type of graduate school, although more commonly in the US "graduate school" refers to pure academic subjects and the programs for law/medicine/business are referred to as "professional school." You are not a college student. If you're telling the truth about being in law school but you're this confused, I would strongly recommend talking with your law school's career placement office as soon as possible to sort out the path you are on.

Ray Said:

Does anyone know of college student affairs internships abroad?

We Answered:

Are you looking for an affair in a foreign country or a foreign internship? If it's a foreign internship, they can definitely be done. The way to start would be to talk to your academic advisor and possibly with he people in your major department.

My nephew attended Duke University and did a study/internship in Italy about eight years ago. He loved it and subsequently went to work in the US office of an Italian company. It was a terrific experience for him and you should go for it if you are serious.

Jaime Said:

Where is a good site for a college student to look for internships?

We Answered:

Best internship program out there, bar none!

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