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College Student Jobs Online

Stella Said:

Do I get any kind of tax relief for being an online college student?

We Answered:

Look up the Hope and Lifetime Learning credits. You may qualify. However, they're not refundable (meaning, if you end up reducing your taxable income to zero through exemptions, etc., you don't get this credit back as cash), but if you have some taxable income leftover after your deductions and exemptions, it'll likely reduce it to zero (they both run around $2,000.)

On another note, you can claim HOH as long as your girlfriend can't (and doesn't). Either way, you probably need not worry about "tax breaks" at your income level. You'll likely be able to reduce your taxable income to very little or nothing at all. If you had withholding, you'll probably get most of it back.

Hope that helps. :0)

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