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College Student Jobs

Mildred Said:

I'm a college student, What kinds of Jobs could I get with no prior experience?

We Answered:

Can you get a job on campus? At my university, students can work at the school bookstore, at the little restaurants on campus, in the library, or work for the theater department making props. Towards the end of this semester, start asking around campus to see if anyone is hiring for next semester. In most cases, all you need is a decent GPA (at least a 2.5) and be willing to learn.

Peggy Said:

What are some Night Jobs for a college student?

We Answered:

These are my Brainstorm ideas:)

$ Being waiter - hard with economy
$ work at car dealer or auto place like America's Tires - always hiring and have business
$ selling furniture - you can do homework during slow times at work
$ fitness center!! like 24hr fitness - you can do homework during slow times at work
$ Jamba Juice -fun and tasty
$ movie theater
$ Starbucks -they have good benefits (free health insurance)
$ janitor - some pay really good like at state buildings or office buildings
$ bid on cleaning a small roadside park and if you win the contract for a year you can make good money mowing lawn and taking out trash
$ bowling alley
$ grocery store - they are part of the union and pay super awesome

Franklin Said:

College student jobs?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Rafael Said:

what are some desent paying jobs a college student can get??

We Answered:

I would get a job waiting tables or bartending. You can make good money (depending on where it is that you work) and you can claim less taxes. NO, it is not smart to have a $400.00 car payment. College is a time for studying, making good friends and enjoying being young!! Don't be bothered by high monthly car payments b/c then you will have to work twice as much to make your payment and you will miss out on being young and having fun as a student!! Ditch the car -- go do something fun with your girlfriends! :o)

Jamie Said:

What kind of jobs should a college student look for?

We Answered:

Apply for a summer internship so you can get experience in your field of study.

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