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College Student Journal

Vanessa Said:

How can a community college student do research that can possibly be published in a professional journal?..?

We Answered:

There are a number of science REU (research experience for undergraduates) programs out there you can apply to at other schools, from local state universities to Harvard - most are during the summer. Applications are typically due in Feb, and these programs give you a chance to work as a (paid!) researcher for the summer with a college professor. Sometimes they will result in a publication - you aren't expected to be able to come up with your own ideas just yet; you don't know nearly enough about the field and you probably don't have the resources you need to make an original contribution on your own. There are literally millions of topics being researched around the world - if you have a particular interest, trying looking up what's being done in that field at your library.

Marcia Said:

Why do science journal research database charge $5-$40 for rights to have a copy of the article on line?

We Answered:

Hahaha. No, the researcher is not getting royalties. Actually, many journals CHARGE the researcher to publish their paper - I'm paying $150 a page for my latest paper (that's one of the reasons the language is often so obtuse - when you're literally paying by the word, you try to be as concise as possible).

No, most of it goes into the costs of publishing (especially when they have a small audience to begin with) and paying the journal editors a pittance to do the job (people take it more for the respect it offers than the small salary that comes with it). Paper referees, who do a lot of the work, don't get paid at all - it's an honor to be asked to do it (supposedly - often, it's just a pain).

If you want to get it for free, your library probably has an inter-library loan service - they can get you a photocopy from another school, if you don't mind waiting a few days.

Shelly Said:

How do college professors expects students journals to be? Is there a specific way?

We Answered:

Ranto is absolutely right! If your professor wants you to keep a journal, he or she will undoubtedly give inslructions for any specific format he wants you to follow. If he doens't, just ask..

Lisa Said:

how to go about making a journal for the college?

We Answered:

you can make a journal with a writing utencil and a notebook.

Heather Said:

is it ok for a college poem with profanity to get published in a college literary journal?

We Answered:

May I suggest that you reconsider publishing a profane poem which criticizes college policies. It may be read by a professor whose class you may take in the future and whom you might want to ask for a letter of recommendation. Your long term future in life is more important than one poem and your use of profanity suggests that you are unable to express your thoughts in standard English.

Don't make trouble for yourself when you don't have any.

Lance Said:

How much of the Wall Street Journal do people usually read?

We Answered:

very few folks read it cover to cover most skim it and really read the articles that catch there eyes!!!

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