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College Student Loans And Grants

Philip Said:

Is it possible to goto college using grants and student loans and not have to pay a dime out of pocket?

We Answered:

You do pay student loans back-most will allow you to wait 6 months after you graduate or stop attending to begin paying for them. You don't pay back grants. It is possible to not have to pay anything out of pocket while you're actually in school. Just once you graduate.

Javier Said:

how do i even begin getting started in college, i.e grants, student loans?

We Answered:

Fill out a FAFSA form for federal student aid ( ). FAFSA will send your results to colleges you choose on the form. The college will grant you financial aid (loans, grants) based on your (or your parents) income.

You can apply to most colleges online at their websites.

Paul Said:

If I got married and became pregnant, would I be able to get more student loans and grants for college?

We Answered:

ok, if you are single and independent, only your income and assets are considered for financial aid. if you are dependent, then it is your income and assets as well as your parent(s') income and assets. if you are married and pregnant, they will consider your and your husband's income and assets. in any of those cases, your household size is also looked at. so, it depends on what your income is when compared to what your and your husband's income would be.

Lance Said:

(UK) Can a student get Loans/grants for College AND then Uni after?

We Answered:

Unfortunately there is very little financial support available for adults in further education. Student loans etc are only for people in higher education - i.e. university. You cannot get a loan for further education, i.e. college. You may be eligible for ALG, which is £30 per week -…
You are also right in saying that you may be able to get your college fees reduced. When I went to college at 21 (to do an access course), the course fees were £1000 but because my income was so low they reduced it to a nominal fee of £50. A lot of colleges also have 'access to learning' funds which are there to help people who might otherwise be prevented from studying due to financial difficulties. For example, a lot of people on my course got their travel expenses to & from college paid for, help with the cost of books etc etc. Make an appointment asap with the financial support department of your college and they will be able to help you. Other than that, there really isn't anything. Everyone on my course had to work alongside the course to pay rent, bills etc - I was working five hours every evening Mon-Fri cleaning offices as well as attending my course full-time, doing all my homework etc. It is really tough, but just keep focused on the ultimate goal - becoming a vet! Also, it gets a LOT easier when you get to uni and you get all the loans and grants. I have never struggled so much in my life as when I was at college, but believe me, it was worth it! Good luck :)

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Everyone on my course had to figure aboard the course to pay rent, bills etc i used to be operating 5 hours each evening Mon-Fri improvement offices similarly as attending my course full-time , doing all my school assignment etc.

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If you're single and freelance, solely your financial gain and assets are thought of for assistance. if you're dependent, then it's your financial gain and assets also as your parents financial gain and assets.

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You don't pay back grants. it's doable to not have to be compelled to pay something out of pocket whereas you are really in class. only once you graduate.

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