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College Student Loans With Cosigner

Allan Said:

Does anyone know where I can get a student loan with out a cosigner? My parents wont sign with me.?

We Answered:


If you have already completed the FAFSA, and taken advantage of the maximum amount available to you from the Stafford Loan program, then you will not find another legitimate lender who will loan you "a few thousand dollars" without a cosigner. The reason that you got the same response from all of the lenders that you mentioned is because they are all applying the exact same conservative financial analysis to student loan applications.

The honest truth is that it is a high-risk business to lend thousands of dollars to students with no job, no income, no assets, and no credit. From a bank's perspective, this is exactly the same as having a stranger walk up to you on the street and ask to borrow a few thousand dollars, with a really earnest promise to repay.

You don't have the present ability to repay, and the banks can not and will not take the risk that you'll have the ability to repay in a few years. The only way that they'll approve your loan application is if you provide them with a second applicant who COULD repay the loan - as of right now.

Please provide a cosigner is bank code for "We won't approve you.", and they won't approve you because you don't meet any of the traditional criteria that a lender uses to assure itself that the loan will be repaid. All you can offer them is a promise and a plan.

Spend some time looking around this area, and you'll soon discover that your problem is far from unique. The private student lending market has almost completely dried up, and there are no loans available to no-income students without a credit history.

I wish you the best of luck, but you're just wasting your time if you're going to continue applying to the traditional education lenders.

Lauren Said:

i am a college student/single mom with no credit history and no cosigner is there a loan for college expenses?

We Answered:

All else fails there mom and dad did you ask them. Or are you that to far down the road for that. Or is that bad credit really that back.

Than there is me I could help. But I been there before to help someone and I got burn..

Debra Said:

My daughter, a college freshman, needs cosigner on student loan. Bio dad refuses, stepdad says no-PLEASE HELP

We Answered:

Sorry your daughter has YOU between a "rock" and a "hardplace." You didn't say if they are any other siblings to follow etc bec it could make some difference but what is really missing is POOR PLANNING on everyone's part once you daughter had choices as to which college she was attending?

Also you didn't mention whether you are working full-time or not plus are there other children to support?

I personally think a COLLEGE DEGREE in the right major field is the best insurance policy any parent(s) could give their child bec one never knows as much guidance, love and assistance you offer whether they will select the right mate/partner and esp for females if they have kids, you want yoyr loved ones to have the right tools to walk away from an abusive relationship and to avoid depression etc.

With that said: You almost put yourself in a 3 way deal between your husband, yourself and your daughter. Problem is your daughter is weakest link and though you want to give her every opportunity, your marriage might be at stake. I'm sorry I don't have quick solutions as my wife and I have saved enough for our 3 kids plus retirement with good jobs.

$10,000 is rather hefty for one semester but my Mom (the Grandmother) did once pay for my niece's tuiton etc like $15K or more to Wake Forest. I myself got my oldest son to study hard & work his way out of my wallet with the CARROT APPROACH but that was after he graduated from VA TECH with BS Accounting when I told him I would make it worth his time & effort if he could pass the VA Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam. He did in 2 tries and I bought him a MAZDA MIATA convertible and today he is high paid self employed JAVA guru consultant working & living in London UK.

We also have 2 other kids and staying on bottom of them in school is fine for now, but our focus at the moment is BALANCED INDIVIDUALs will most likely have successful & happy lives. Actually I am not looking forward to the college years again, but if they follow their older brother's footsteps, we will be lucky & BLESSED!

Hope the Above Info may Help You in Dealing with Your Husband & Daughter and it may even require some type of 4 WAY agreement with your Ex-husand as this is only the end of her Freshman Year! God Bless!

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