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College Student Loans

Christian Said:

How do I take all my college student loans and transfer them into one lump sum to pay off?

We Answered:

why? concentrate on one and pay it off and move to the next one, NEVER default on the student loans though they can't haunt your credit for a long time.

No need to have them in one place, unless you get a break somehow

Nathan Said:

Say every American college student defaulted (refused to pay back) their student loans. What would happen then?

We Answered:

If the loans are Government issued loans, then any money the students make while working a job in which they must show proof of identification and social security number, the government could easily find out about and start garnishing your wages until the loan was paid off. If, when the former students file a tax return, they are due a refund, the government could automatically take that money and use it to pay off the loans.

If it were a bank that issued the loans, they could file a class action suit and again all of the students would have their wages garnished. There is no way to get out of owing a student loan!

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