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College Student Medical Insurance

Toni Said:

can a dependent full time college student be sued for medical bills in their name, under their moms insurance?

We Answered:


You are the insured member under your mother certificate of insurance (group or individual), when you had the surgery, it was your surgery, not your mothers or the insurance companies, you are responsible for the loss that you incurred.

The hospital can file a civil complaint against you in order to recover the monies owed from your covered loss.

Write the hospital a Hardship Letter, letting them know that you have limited means in order to repay the debit, and work with the hospital to negotiate down the claim, and make a payment arrangement.

Eduardo Said:

Do college students get any medical/dental insurance?

We Answered:

Not in the US unless you want to pay through the nose. Just saying.

Jonathan Said:

How can a full time student get medical insurance?

We Answered: - my family have this health insurance. It is affordable and has good coverage for dental issues.

Shane Said:

Does Harper College insist on student medical insurance? How much does it cost to buy in India?

We Answered:

You should buy student medical insurance as the medical expenses abroad are very much and insurance become handy in case you need medical treatment.
You can get best deals in student medical insurance from these web sites:

Hope it will be of help.

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