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College Student Reviews

Vera Said:

What is a good website that I can find true student reviews of college?

We Answered: is good for reviews on housing, parking, ect. (my personal favorite) is good for overall information (… is good to compare

good books you can get:……

Matthew Said:

How is the Macbook Air not geared towards the college student?

We Answered:

The Air is for the all wireless environment. It has minimal storage, being designed for carrying files, presentations, etc. Definitely not a game machine, or able to deal with large applications like Adobe CS3.

It's mainly a wireless interface, designed for the power business traveler.

If you can make it work for you, by all means, buy one.

Dustin Said:

Student's reviews about Mississippi college?

We Answered:

i've never been, but my black friend went there and had a blast. he said there is a lot of diversity amongst the staff and students, and it's a beautiful college with great resources.

Christopher Said:

is there any website where college student review their classes?

We Answered:

Just remember that those responses are made up of only the most extreme perspectives. Students who LOVE or HATE a professor will take the time to review, but the multitude of students in between won't bother.

Consider also that those responses have NO credibility. Imagine them as if you saw them written on the bathroom wall. You have NO WAY of knowing if those responses are genuine students, from multiple students or even from the professor's colleagues. Consider what grade the writer likely received before deciding how heavily to weight their comment.

Violet Said:

I am a college student. I am so confused about whether to buy a Macbook or a PC.. .I've read too many reviews?

We Answered:

here's the thing.. they both have their goods and bads. you can get a pc that's the equivelent of a mac for way less. however, macs have almost no viruses...and as i see, your a limewire user, thats gonna be an issue on a pc possibly without proper antivirus programs. you can also get microsoft office programs on macs but its really expensive. macs are pretty much great for studio work and recording and movie editing....if thats your thing, pcs are more for movie watching, schoolwork and possibly gaming. my preference is pc and i think overall that's possibly the way you should go.

Megan Said:

What's the most best website for student reviews of colleges?

We Answered: but i the facts about the colleges are recent, its like from 2004 or 2005... but also its one called and

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Pulau Tidung said:

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