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College Student Statistics

Marilyn Said:

Statistics-Random Varience average college student eats 1.50 slices of pizza sd .5 how many will eat 1.38 piec?

We Answered:

Using the 3 sigma rule, approx 33% will eat less than 1.25 slices a day, and approx 54% would eat 1.38 pieces or more. This is all moot, as hungry college students that despise Dorm food never leave perfectly good pizza uneaten.

Gerald Said:

How can i find out student statistics about a college, things such as race ect.?

We Answered:
Both have a lot of general information about most colleges and universities.

Lori Said:

For someone who is a B/C student in college algebra, can you advise me on how I might do in college statistics?

We Answered:

Stat does have to do with algebra, all of it actually branches from algebra. Stat is basically that little probablity section in your algebra course exept in much, much greter depth. It is also a really easy class compared to other math classes (in my opinion).

Alberto Said:

a beginning statistics student in college. need help with Chebyshev's theorem and how to calculate a problem

We Answered:

I had stats all the way to intermediate and I have never heard of this. Tell him to ask his professor.

Carole Said:

Elementary Statistics.. returning adult college student ?

We Answered:

While stats does have some math, it really is a completely different subject. You have to do formulas etc. so you do need math background. Why don't you take an algebra course for non-credit so you will feel prepared for the course? I did that after being out of school for awhile and it was a BIG help. Your local community college should have an online course you can do.

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