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College Student Summer Internships

Jessica Said:

Is Belltown a safe neighborhood in Seattle for a college student staying for 3-mo internship in summer?

We Answered:

It's a very nice area. It's like new york. Don't walk around at 2 am alone and expect not to be panhandled. Lots of beggers. But it is very public place all hours so not to worry. Don't let the anyone talk you into missing out on one of Seattle's neatest areas.

Troy Said:

Where can I find some good summer Internships?

We Answered:

Start calling local businesses to see what they offer, or go talk to your counselor at school (you may be able to earn credit for the internship). Sometimes the best internships are with the smaller companies because you have a greater opportunity of becoming more involved than at larger places. Good luck.

Ann Said:

Is it hard getting a summer internship with Goldman Sachs?

We Answered:

Considering they get several hundred applications per internship, it is extremely difficult to obtain one if you are Ivy League or top-tier college student with 3.75 GPA, plus awards, plus impressive credentials, plus more. Stanford might not be Ivy League, but is acceptable, as is MIT.

I know someone who made it into the top 5 applicants. Impeccable appearance: has worn Brooks Brothers since high school (he's 6'7" and that's the only place his parents could get him clothes!) so he is very comfortable in the finest clothes, finest restaurants, etc; impeccable manners (Emily Post-plus). Class valedictorian, high school & college; references & recommendations from very senior & very connected financial professionals; prior internship for the US Dept of the Treasury; founded a charitable organization at age 13 and continues to run it; athletics; successful investor for his own account; more, more, more. He was not one of the two chosen.

If you are not Ivy, U Chicago, Stanford, MIT; if you are not in the top 3 of your class; if you do not have the proper, formal NYC exec appearance & demeanor; if you do not have exceptional extra-curriculars; if you do not have glowing references/recommendations by people known to GS; or if you are not already a successful investor, don't bother to apply. Your competition has every one of these qualifications and more.

Priscilla Said:

What to do in the summer as a college student?

We Answered:

Do what I did my freshman summer (last summer, that is) - I got a job at Target (bought me a 360 to pass time between classes), and take a class at the local Community College. Make sure it covers a GE or whatever they call it at your college (University Learning Requirements here). That way, you get some extra credits without having to go for a full semester, get a General Ed requirement out of the way, and can then take a fun class next semester.

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