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College Students And Credit Cards

Earl Said:

College student credit many?

We Answered:

I agree. creditors dont see how many credit cards you have just your score. and the amex must be paid in full every month because i have one. so if by chance you cant pay there is no minimum and you credit will start to go down. if you feel you want a better card to build you credit get a new one and close your current one. but they also look for stability so id say keep up the good work on your current card. dont build yourself into debt. you seem very responsible and it will pay off in the long run.

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assignment help service said:

Advocates says utilizing plastic carefully helps understudies figure out how to oversee accounts, however faultfinders say an excessive number of graduate with high obligation and terrible credit. Indeed, even after officials made it harder for banks to give school kids charge cards, Visa obligation is still a major issue on U.S. grounds.

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