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College Students Discounts

Randall Said:

Would college students be interested in a free website that lists student discounts for local merchants?

We Answered:

Possibly but find an area is well non too populated (large cities are difficult). Some colleges send emails via the student union bodies or flyer's are handed out. Big companies also other deals to students and so on.

If you are serious about this project then you should set it in a very localized area. Go to the cafes, bookshops (independent), art suppliers, clothing shops, markets etc and talk to them.

If you can get some companies interested then pursue it further go and bother the companies who said no earlier and so on. Be careful not to bother them, and show a professional plan for a site/sample discount card etc.

if you have a good selection of local businesses then you can talk to the big chains and perhaps they can mention your site on their site (this helps your search ranking).

Its a case of walking the pavements and pursuing people, your site is a form of free advertising for them. Try and start an event at the start of college when all the new students are looking around town that way you can get a loyal customer base. Talking to student leaders will help you (teaching staff/admin etc will not be helpful).

It is not a bad time to try as small businesses are keen to get customers.

Clyde Said:

Is it true college students get discounts on Macbooks?

We Answered:

APPLE.COM Click on store and look left for education store.

Emma Said:

What airline gives 18-22 yr olds/ college students discounts on flying besides Airtran's AirtranU program?

We Answered:

None offer student discounts. As someone else said, the AirtranU program is a standby program. You aren't guaranteed a seat. And it's not always much cheaper than their regular fares.

Some discount sites, such as Student Universe, purchase tickets from airlines and sell them at discounted rates for students.

Dwayne Said:

movie theater discounts for college students?

We Answered:

Most do, just show your ID card. Enjoy!

Wilma Said:

What are some places that offer discounts for college students?

We Answered:

Information is blow.

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