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College Students Loans

Javier Said:

Do most college students end up with loans?

We Answered:


A non-profit advocacy organization known as "The Project on Student Debt" tracks this information every year, and produces an annual report. They also lobby for improvements to the financial aid system - it's a worthy organization that you may find interesting.

Here's what they have to say about the Class of 2008:

"College seniors who graduated in 2008 carried an average of $23,200 in student loan debt."

The report also mentions that 2/3 of college grads leave school with student loan debt.

If you'd like to read all the gory details - you can find the entire report here:…

Good luck!

Troy Said:

What percentage of college students have student loans?

We Answered:

Near everyone.
No fear, once you have your tuition paid for you can always keep applying for scholarships and use the money to pay down your loans while still in college. It is a simple way to pay off debt without having to get a job, usually all you have to do is write an essay and you would be doing that anyway.

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Once you have got your tuition procured you'll be able to continuously keep applying for scholarships and use the cash to pay down your loans whereas still in faculty.

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