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College Students Summer Jobs

Terrence Said:

do most college students just work minimum wage jobs over the summer?

We Answered:

lol no we work at internships or hang out...

Jeremy Said:

What's the best and most available summer job most college students can get?

We Answered:

Unfortunately, either an on-campus job (but usually they're binded by a union so you have little or no chance of getting the good ones), or else waitressing or retail. Another good idea is to do temporary jobs if you have office skills, if you want hands on you can go through a temp service and do assembly for about 9 or 10 an hour. That way you're only temporary so when it's time to go back to school, you can tell them you have to go back but will be available the next summer.

Brad Said:

what are the best summer jobs for second year college students with strong writing abilitys and fast thinking?

We Answered:

No matter what you do, make it something that will help you determine what you want to do when you graduate. Like if you are considering law school, try to intern at a law firm (even if you don't get paid). You may discover you hate lawyers or law firms or the court system and save yourself a lot of time/energy/money applying to law schools and taking the LSATs. Same goes for if you might want to be a journalist (work at a newspaper) or whatever.

You only get a few summers to experiment with different employers and build your resume. Take advantage of it!

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