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College Summer Programs For High School Students

Fernando Said:

Brown Pre-College Summer Program for High School students?

We Answered:

I didn't take So you want to be a doctor, but I took the 7-week program, and it was honestly one of the best decisions of my life. Brown attracts some of the coolest smart people from around the country, and even some from other countries too, so as long as you don't just spend the entire time in your room studying your guaranteed to have fun.
As far as the work load goes, the 7-week programs gave you a lot of work seeing that they were undergraduate courses, but it was definitely manageable. I didn't know anybody in the so you want to be a doctor program, but I know a few people who took the 3-week biotech course and they said that since you weren't technically graded you really could put as much work into it as you wanted to.
Then Providence is a pretty cool city. Definitely go to Antonio's Pizza on Thayer street! It's got the best pizza!
Just a warning though, if you want to apply to Brown for college, the summer programs may help you get in, but they certainly don't guarantee you getting in, but it's still definitely worth the experience!
Hope that helps!

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