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Colleges And Careers

Kathryn Said:

what do you know about colleges and careers in film editing?

We Answered:

getting a job in film editing like trying to be an actor. There are tons of people after the same dream. You would need the right schooling probably somewhere in california, and a lot of luck and talent.

Not saying you can't do that, just that the odds are low, and more then likely against you unfortunatly.

I recommend majoring in biology, and maybe take some more film classes or minor in it. But don't go out on a wim of a dream thinking there are plenty of jobs in it. There aren't.

If you really love doing film, make videos and post them on youtube, if your good who knows what will happen

good luck

Christopher Said:

I have a question that relates to colleges and future careers?

We Answered:

Assuming you want to study something "practical" in college that has a good chance of leading you to a decent career, take a look at the schools and majors in the list below that offer a degree in Industrial Technology.

Margie Said:

What is a degree in International Affairs involve? What careers and colleges?

We Answered:

A good college I looked at was colarado state university

Edward Said:

I need some sites on colleges and careers?

We Answered:

I've personally had a lot of success using Uvisor. It's a job matching service that takes your skills and experience and matches you to jobs or careers.

Wendy Said:

What careers, colleges, and majors would be good for me?

We Answered:

Well It all depends on what you are good at as well. I would recommend photography. Many colleges have classes that you can take to improve your photography skills. After doing some research it appears that the art institute of Tuscon would be the best photography school closest to you. And you would simply need to major in photography. You will also be given chances to increase your acting skills while you are there through a drama club.

I hope this helps. Keep your dreams high.

Myrtle Said:

Colleges, Careers...

We Answered:

Yay. I live in Staten Island as well

Stay in the city since there are so many schools to choose from. If not, Just choose to go to the most prestigious school as possible (ivy leagues). If you want to stay in SI, i would recommend wagner (best one) and the school i go to (st. John's). Do not go to csi. If you want to go to the city choose anywhere. NYU might be great (if your rich). As for cuny's in NYC choose Baruch (poor mans harvard). These two are one of the best business schools in the country.

also the advantages of staying here is job opportunities. We live in the financial capitol of the world and finding a job should not be much of a challenge (still challenging but not as bad).

Just pick the college with the best programs for your interested major

As for picking a major, I would not recommend the forensics field. Stick to the other majors you are interested in.

Joy Said:

What are some good colleges for music/theater careers?

We Answered:

At least one campus of your state university should have a good program. You might find it on the free college finder at

I suggest that you visit the campus and get permission from the admissions office to watch some classes in the subjects that interest you. Make an appointment as every class is not taught every day.

Full Sale is not a regionally accredited university and its degree will not enable you to obtain a teaching credential.

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