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Colleges For International Students

Keith Said:

Any ideas for Ice breaker games for international college students?

We Answered:

I don't know if this would work, but you could pair up the students. Have them interview each other by asking basic questions like their name, major, goals in life, hobbies, etc. Then they will get up in front of the entire group and take turns introducing their partner using that information.

Clayton Said:

How do colleges choose international students?

We Answered:

In my experience, there are two stages at which your grades and ACT scores are considered. First, they will have an absolute cut-off below which they won't consider anyone. The college board says that the middle 50% of accepted students had SAT scores between 23 and 29; that means that the bottom 25% were below a 23, and a 17 might or might not be considered too low to merit consideration. With international students, they may be a little more lenient on scores at times, but if you are trying to get into a program in science or engineering, and your math score is low, they may eliminate you at this point.

Secondly, if you do make it past that initial screening, the school will really look at tradeoffs within your total package. If your scores are low, but other things look good, then it will really depend on what the other applicants look like. You may be accepted (not excepted) if your overall application looks more intriguing, despite the low score, than those of other applicants.

Herman Said:

Scholoarship for International students in Canada?

We Answered:

There may be scholarships at certain universities for foreign students with exceptional grades. There are a few for students who are already studying.

It is expected that International students will arrive able to prove that they have enough money for fees [about double what the local students pay] and accommodation. International students are limited in where and how many hours they can work.

Esther Said:

Are there online colleges for international students?

We Answered:

Actually there are online courses for international students. In my opinion, the best is SUNY (The State University of New York). They offer 4300 online college courses annually. Here's what you do: Google, SUNY, Undergraduate, International students.

Good luck to you!

Charles Said:

Group of International College students looking for a place to have Christmas day lunch or dinner in Hong Kong?

We Answered:

Buffets will be good as it comprises of all kinds of food. For South Asian cuisine included, Excelsior Hotel´s Dickens Bar lunch buffet serve a wide variety of Indian curry, the price per person should be within your budget, one nice thing is the buffet finishes very late, there´re darts and other games inside the Bar for customers to have with.

Excelsior´s coffee shop buffet and Canton Road´s Gateway Hotel buffets serve a sumptuous of Indian and S E Asian delicacies. However their prices will be quite expensive during the peak festive season. If the students don't mind having a late lunch, you could try their afternoon tea buffet that normally starts at 3 PM and finishes at 5:30 PM, the price should be close to your budget with fewer selection of food than lunch nor dinner buffets. Buffets always packed everywhere in Hong Kong, so it´s better to book your seats immediately. Good Luck and Merry Xmas!

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