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Colleges For Learning Disabled Students

Brian Said:

Colleges in Washington for LD students?

We Answered:

All public colleges must provide reasonable accommodations for otherwise qualifed students with learning disabilties.

Therefore, all public colleges and universities must offer good programs for prospective students.

Like having to provide sanitary drinking water, accommodations for students with disabilities are federal law. It is not a 'favor' which only certain campuses are 'electing' to do.

Please do not let con artists rip you off otherwise. Every public institution in America is required to provide quality services for qualified students with disabilities.

You and/or your family have many more options to select from.

Erica Said:

What are names of Colleges or universities that have great programs for learning disabled students?

We Answered:

I took a lot of disability studies courses at UC Berkeley for my minor in disability studies. As a research assistant for a professor documenting the history of disability rights, I can assuredly say that not only is Cal a great place for students with disabilities to learn, but there is no place more accessible and all-inclusive than Berkeley, California. Telegraph Avenue is home to the Center for Independent Living. There is also an organization called Through the Looking Glass, which is a resource for parents with disabilities. In nearby Oakland, I visited and had a wonderful experience at the World Institute for Disability. UC Berkeley has a very warm and welcoming Disabled Students Program. You can visit their website at Furthermore, the Berkeley campus is amazing and beautiful. For the most part, the professors, as well as your fellow students, will go out of their way to help you in any way they can. It's truly great that you're thinking about going back to college. Attending Berkeley was one of the biggest blessings of my life. I hope you encounter nothing but success in your academic endeavors.

Juan Said:

I need some advice?

We Answered:

Good for you to follow your educational goals! Either choice would work for you - maybe the real question is, what do you want to do with your education?

If you just want to take courses to learn and educate your mind, choose the option that you're most comfortable with. If you plan to earn a degree and apply it (i.e. Special Education), then a college would be your best option.

If you have a college close to you, either call or preferably visit them and talk with their financial specialists about Special Education assistance. You should also see if they have a Special Education department or administrator, and talk with them also. Education is the window to the world. Which ever way you go, I hope you enjoy the experience!

Ray Said:

How are math and reading college classes for disabled students? are they hard?

We Answered:

Those classes are likely to cover the math and reading skills you should have learned before entering high school (so no, they're not hard) and will not count for college credit.

Eduardo Said:

What is needed to help disabled students entering and in college?

We Answered:

Most universities have disability services offices that do most, if not all of what you are describing. I think you are reinventing the wheel.

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