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Colleges For Students With Special Needs

Randall Said:

Can I conduct a interview with a parent who has a child or children with special needs?

We Answered:

1. was to mainstream him now he has met that goal now his goal is to pass state required mcas testing to graduate with a diploma and a culinary arts certificate
2Culinaryy arts major andPersonallinterestt are video games and Music on his mp3
3 to individualize each student and nottreatt them as a diagnoses but as an individual . see past there diagnoses and mainstreamm them when ever possible Having learning delay doesn't mean having disciplinene problems and having displine problems does not mean unteachable.they have to look at each child on a one on one basses and stop grouping our children make it more accommodatingng to learn among there peers

Jill Said:

In college, what to do if I am having difficulty in class?

We Answered:

The first thing you need to do is get over your fear. You are a college student, and even though you don't have all the extra help you can do this! Remember you have Rights! Use your disability resources on campus to the fullest.

First off don't hide. Tell your instructor the first day about your special needs. Instructor's are not mind readers, and often special need students are ashamed or afraid and so your instructor will not be aware of how much you are struggling. Be assertive about obtaining your accomodations. Teachers MUST make reasonable accomodation by law.

However, in college your success in class rests on your shoulders. Never use your special needs as an excuse or a crutch: College instructors don't respond to this. They do respond to a student who is on time to class, turns their assignments in on time, participates in class, and gives their best effort.

Network with other special needs students in your school. You need to develop a support group. Other special needs students can also tell you which instructor's are more responsive to special needs students.

Part of what you seem to be fearing is the lack of a safety net. You use the word NEED and that says, "I'm not confident in my abilities". College is about indepedence and making choices. You are entering a new and scary time in your life. One in which you are responsible for your choices, successes, and failures.

Hang in there though! And remember:

"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other thing."
Abraham Lincoln

Jordan Said:

What chance do I have at being accepted to the following colleges?

We Answered:

Being a Sophomore you have plenty of time to get your GPA and test scores up.

First, colleges look for GPA trends, so if you can get your GPA up above a 3.5 for the next several semesters that would help a lot. To get into the schools above you will likely need that high of a GPA.

ADHD Sucks, go get medication and start forcing yourself to study more.

Second your ACT score is low, but at the same time you are only a sophomore and the ACT is meant to test what you've learned in highschool, so given that you are not even half way through high school your score isn't that bad. You need to start studying, if you get your ACT score to at least a 25 you will have a much better chance of getting into those schools.

Your most realistic school would be Rutgers as they have the lowest admission's standards. going out of state is really expensive, so if money is a concern Rutgers would be your best goal.

Jeanne Said:

Special Needs Babysitter/Nanny Pay Rate?

We Answered:

It depends on where you live for the rate. We are a military family with three children, 2 are special needs. We receive assistance from the military, they pay $12/hour. I would sit down and talk to your employers about the possibility of raising the pay. I would definitely make it clear that you cannot watch their friend's children unless you receive compensation for those children as well. Just state that when you accepted the job at the rate of $10.50 you accepted the responsibilities outline then, since there is an increase in responsibilities you feel there should also be an increase in compensation.

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